The Shield: Episode 602

I am glad they tidied up the whole Cavanaugh problem tonight. Dutch and Claudette realized that Amolia was lying, and when questioning her, Cavanaugh came in and said he planted the evidence and coerced her.

Vic kidnaps Guardo’s girlfriend and uses her for ransom to get Guardo back to LA. Shane and Ronnie want Vic to let her go and not risk going to jail, but Vic does not want to listen.

Next week it looks like Shane may tell Vic, since Vic is about to torture Guardo and Shane says not to do it. What will Vic do to Shane if he tells him?

This episode also had very little about the house we saw last week full of dead bodies. Hopefully Dutch gets put on the case and we get to watch his fun detective skills. I always enjoy watching Dutch and Claudette interrogate someone. I mean, Vic is fun because he will torture and break the law, but Dutch and Claudette do it the old fashioned way, good ol’ detective work.

Here is a nice picture of Danny. She earned her Sergent stripes on the episode, and may have to come back to work before her maternity leave is up, sweet.