The Shield: Episode 603

Vic catches Guardo and tortures the hell out of him. I mean, he makes Jack Bauer look nice. Vic beats him with a chain and when Guardo will not give him who killed Lem, Vic shoots him in the head. He then gets the release he finally needed. While that was definitely cool, the better part of the episode focused on Ronnie.

Over the past six seasons we never really get to see Ronnie in action. We always see him as the tech guy for the strike team, but in this episode we see why he is on the strike team.

Claudette assigns him to work a case with Dutch and Steve, taking down some guys stealing ephedrine from pharmacies to make meth. Ronnie kicks down doors and busts heads, showing that not only is he smart, but also a badass. Also, we see his loyalty to Vic. He wraps the case up quickly in order to help Vic with Guardo. Everyone at the Barn thinks that Ronnie is cool because he easily solved the case and was not afraid to just go in and take a guy out. He also had no problem going undercover and then taking down some meth dealers.

Anyways, now that Guardo is dead, Vic comes back to work next week and is ready to start bustin’ some heads. Unfortunately Claudette assigns him a new guy, who will at some point replace Vic on the strike team. Should be interesting.

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