The War’s About to Begin

That was Clark’s last line on Smallville tonight. Pretty sweet. Basically to catch anyone up who cares, Lex threatened Chloe’s life. Clark and Chloe know that if Clark tries to do anything to Lex, Lana may be killed. Lana just found out that she was never pregnant. So it appears she was taking hormones to make it look like she was in order to marry Lex, but in reality Lex was either feeding her the hormones to make her fall in love with him, or this is a cover story so he can be rid of her, now that he has miscarried baby. Rich bastard.

The next couple episodes are gonna rock.

4 thoughts on “The War’s About to Begin

  1. Well, Galactus has no actual shape, how you see him is up to your own perception. For example, Beta Ray Bill saw him as a monster from Hell and the heralds were his demons. Odin and Thor saw him as something from Norse mythology.

    In Ultimate Extinction, Gah-Lak-Tus comes in the form of, something like a cloud, more like a nebula or something. Anyways, the Ultimate universe is usually alot different, but sometimes movie makers take ideas from them.

  2. well if thats the case, i suppose this rumor could be true. and if it is, it seems like a cop out to me. unless of course the cloud is voiced by ton loc. then its ok…

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