24: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

It took awhile for me to watch this one, but it was finally an episode that I did not feel bored watching. Even the White House stuff was interesting.

Mike takes Jack and Audrey back to CTU, where a shrink wants to pump Audrey full of drugs to make her talk. Mike disagrees with this, and lets Jack loose, who then goes and kidnaps Audrey. After awhile together, she finally says something and it turns out to be a lead in finding Chang. Over at DC Universe, he makes a good point about CTU guards, there main job is basically getting punched in the face by Jack.

It turns out that Lisa, the cute aide to Noah, was sleeping with some lobbyist who works for the Russians. He found out about the circuit board, and now the Russians know and are threatening war. VP Noah gets my respect for threatening Lisa with high treason and tells her that she will spend the rest of her life in solitary if she ever thinks about using their relationship to hurt him. When Tom asks if he is okay, Noah responds “I am now.”

Audrey’s dad comes to get her and stops to see Jack. He tells Jack that he is cursed and that everyone around him dies. I would love to see those two fight. When you think about it, Heller has been a complete dick to Jack, who risks his life to save Heller and Audrey. How does Heller respond? The next season when Jack figures out that the president is the evil bastard, Heller wants to blackmail him and almost has Jack killed. Dick.

Does anyone think that the Chinese seem to have been way too involved in all of this? I mean seriously. They knew that the Russian general was going to give nukes to the Arabs, that the Arab would want Jack, that CTU would get Jack, then give him to the terrorists, Jack would escape, disarm the bombs, and then they could use Audrey as bait??? What the hell man, Chinese intelligence must be absolutely amazing.

No kills. Next week: 1

2 thoughts on “24: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

  1. speaking of those CTU guards, you would think that one of em wouldve tried to trip in the halls or poison his coffee or something by now, what with all the crap he puts them through.

    i also think it’s pretty weak the way heller’s treating jack. i suppose there is some underlying fatherly reasoning there, but it still blows.

    and noah definitely shouldve done lisa IDB one last time before turning her over (pun intended). and he shouldve peed while he was in there.

    and yeah, the chinese were way to omniscient. i could understand maybe if they heard about all this stuff through secret channels then put the offer on the table when the opportunity presented itself, but they were freakin in LA already. that could be just so the situation would fit within the 24 hour constraints of the show, but its still silly.

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