Fantasy Baseball Week 5

I got beat this week, 3-7-2, by Offord. It sucks, I dropped to 3rd place, but I am only one game out, so I can regain that. The score looks like a got beat pretty good, but in truth, the final stats were actually pretty close. My team played rather well, except for pitching, but if my hitters can keep up what they are doing, I should not lose very often.

This week I take on AnchormanForReal. He is in last place. I should be able to win easily. I am still entertain trades for one of my 2Bs, but I do not want someone like Darrin Erstad or to give up one of my few relievers.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week 5

  1. I was fired up because going into the weekend i was up by a fair amount in each category (11-1, and the 1 was in rbi’s, which i was pretty close in) so i figured i had a shot at a flawless week.

    come monday it appears that i only won 7-4, after a craptacular weekend full of pitcher shellackings and 0’fers. needless to say i was pretty miffed…

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