Fantasy Baseball Week 7

I am back in first place, yeah I rock. My record is 43-21-8, and it is a very tight race between Imler, Ruskin, and myself. Last week I won 9-2-1, dominating in hitting categories and saves. My big move for the week was trading Offord, Alex Rios for Jason Isringhausen.

This week I take on Ruskin, and it is going to be a barn burner, at least I hope it will be one.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week 7

  1. i’ve been crappin it up lately.

    pujols is still playin like a little leaguer.

    my top closer had season ending surgery and my ace’s appendix burst.

    whichever catcher i choose to start rides the bench that day.

    freddy sanchez is still playin like a little leaguer.

    giambi hasnt gotten a hit in weeks. some might even say he’s playin like a little leaguer.

    thank goodness my 2 royals players are puttin up numbers…

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