Fantasy Baseball Week 8

I beat Ruskin’s team, 8-3-1, keeping me in first place with a record of 51-24-9. I led in all hitting categories except HR, which I tied Ruskin with 8. I also destroyed him in Ks, 72 to 34. My big stars for the week were a bit odd, Mark Teahen and Orlando Cabrera, who both had over 10 hits. I tried to pick up Hunter Pence, but Ryan got to him first, which is funny because I told him about him back in spring training. I guess we will have to see who turns out to be better, Pence or Hamilton. Speaking of Hamilton, he has some gastro thing that is keeping him out, hopefully when he comes back he gets out of his funk he was in the last week or so. Also, BJ Upton may be coming back down to earth, which really sucks. Lets hope he either keeps up a good bit of numbers at 2B or that Rickie Weeks picks it up while Upton is struggling.

I am playing against Pittsburgh Lumber Co. this week, he is not very good and I should be able to extend my lead, which is now 2 games. Also, I think people should be on the watch of Ryan, he has went from last place, all the way upto 8th place, all the while playing some pretty good competition. I hate to see anyone start out so poorly because I did that last year and it is really rough trying to get some wins strung along and moving up in the standings.