Fantasy Baseball Week 9

I am still in first place with a nice record of 59-27-10. This week I beat Pittsburgh Lumber Co. 8-3-1. My hitting star this week was Justin Morneau with 10 hits, 4 HR, and 13 RBIs. BJ Upton and Kenji Johjima also had very nice weeks for me. My outfield absolutely sucked, aside from Carlos Lee. JD Drew and Mark Teahen were awful. Josh Hamilton went on the DL. Ryan Freel sucked it up this week and may be out for a few games with a head injury. Good news for me, Iwamura came back off the DL and I will have him on Wednesday against Gideon.

Pitching was good this week although I did not get many wins. Bedard and Young pitched very well, but both pitchers did not get the win. I am still destroying teams in Ks and Saves, but that may change this week because from what I hear Gideon also owns Saves each week. He and I should be an interesting matchup. Luckily last week he tied Offord, which gave me some breathing room in first place. I am now 4.5 games ahead.

As I said last week, people should be on the Ryan Kearney lookout. He is very close to moving above .500 and looking at his team, they seem to be heating up.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 9

  1. my aim is to destroy you this week. not just eke out a victory – but to rend the flesh from your bones. to completely alter your path of your lifeline. to render each and every memory you have into a singular idea: failure.

    probably wont happen though.

    and my pitching staff is totally revamped. ever since i took my precipitous fall from grace (the top half of the league) ive been looking for a way to get back in the game. sometimes youve gotta break a couple of eggs (see: saves).

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