Heroes Part Twenty-One

This was a bit of a slow episode, but still entertained the hell out of me. I will do a breakdown of the characters, what they did and then let you know how I think the final two episodes will pan out.

Sylar/Hiro & Ando
He is at Isaac’s place painting the future and he thinks he will be the one to blow up NYC. He calls Suresh and tells him that he does not want to hurt innocent people, that he did not mind hurting others with abilities because it was natural selection, but that he did not want to be a mass murderer. Interesting, we see that Sylar is a bit of a complex character, not just a monster.

Hiro and Ando come to the apartment to talk with Isaac, but find him dead. When Sylar comes out of the bathroom, they hide, but he can hear them. When he comes at them, Hiro teleports them. They begin to follow Sylar, and he goes to his mother’s house.

She is a weird a woman, who thinks that Sylar is special and that he should be something important, not just a watch repairman. Sylar then tells her that he is special, and takes the hose from the sink and shoots it in the air, freezing the water into snow, making the apartment look like a snow globe, which his mother loves. He loses control and the globes begin to fly into the air and break, the glass cuts his mother. She runs away from him. As he tries to apologize through the door, Ando tells Hiro he must kill him now.

Hiro says that he cannot, not while he is asking forgiveness. Ando says that future-Hiro would have no problem doing it, but Hiro says that his future self killed too easily, that maybe he should have thought about it more. Then Ando tells Hiro that Sylar will kill Ando.

At this time, Sylar is telling her how he may kill everyone in the city, and that he could be president, she comes out and tells him to leave and then tries to stab him with a pair of scissors. He stops her, but accidently stabs her in the process and she dies. Hiro stops time and comes in to kill Sylar, but he cannot do it. Sylar tells Hiro to kill him, but when he sees that Hiro cannot do it, he calls him a coward and grabs the sword, freezing the blade, which allows him to break it. Ando runs in, and Hiro grabs him and they teleport away.

Claire is going to leave for Paris, but Peter wants her to stay, he believes that he needs her to stop the bomb. He shows her a picture he painted and she recognizes Teddy. They tell Nathan, who says he will call the FBI, but instead talks to Linderman, and later we see Nathan talking with Thompson, who says that the bomb must go off and that Nathan will win the election.

Peter gives Claire a gun and says that when the time comes, if he goes out of control she must put a bullet in the spot where the glass was at. She is the only one who can get close enough to stop him. At the end of the episode, Claire and Peter are outside the building where it happens, and Teddy, Matt, and Mr.B come walking up. Claire and her dad hug, and then Peter’s hands start to glow orange, he freaks out and then starts to control it.

Nathan’s mom tells him that she knows all about him and that she and Linderman, and some others have worked very hard for this moment to happen and that only a strong person like Nathan can heal the world after the bomb goes off.

They are starting to tie in, and it makes me happy. Jessica and DL decide to go after Micah, and they break into Linderman’s Vegas pad, but no one is there. They realize that Linderman has information on all three of them and their powers. Jessica thinks they have Micah in NYC.

In NYC, Micah and Candice are chillin’ and he gets a bit sassy about how he does not like Linderman and wants to go home. Candice (as Nikki, wow, it’s great when someone impersonates a split personality) says that they need to help Linderman. Once she gets a shower, Micah makes a run for it, but everytime he goes out the door, he comes back into the room.

Candice comes out and says that she can make Micah see anything she wants him to see (I guess that settles the debate). She says that she likes him, but that he better help Linderman or she will have to hurt him. I wonder, and maybe Gideon will have thought about this, if Micah could somehow use his powers to talk to the security camera’s and find out what is real and what is not real? Or do her powers manipulate reality? Hmm, fun stuff to think about.

After Suresh talks to Sylar, he calls Thompson. They meet and Suresh says he wants them to work for him in catching Sylar. He wants to know everything they know. Thompson agrees and introduces him to Molly Walker (the little girl that Parkman saved). She has the power to stop Sylar, but she has a disease that prevents her from using her power.

Thompson says that a little girl in India had the same disease, Mohinder’s sister. After some time with Molly, Mohinder realizes where the cure is and that he himself was the cure to saving his sister. He had the healthy antibodies she needed, but he was born too late. He saves Molly, and also gains a little friend, it was very cute.

We have seen the future, and it does not look good. So this is what I think will happen, Nathan will help stop “the bomb.” He will forsake becoming the president and all that. New York City will be saved. Nathan may die saving the city, who knows.

I do not believe Sylar will die, I think he gets away. I think that season two will be Peter, Claire, Mohinder and Molly, tracking other heroes and fighting Sylar before he grows too powerful.

Okay, I know it’s not much of a theory, but whatever. Let’s hear some of yours then.

5 thoughts on “Heroes Part Twenty-One

  1. Molly Walker’s power is to locat people, wherever they are. Kind of neat, but she’s hardly the only one who can stop Sylar.

    And we’re still left with 3 candidates for the role of the exploding man, although it seems most likely Peter, and almost definately not Ted.

  2. does peter have hiro’s power yet? i don’t recall the two ever being in close quarters, so i dont think so. im just wondering because im also trying to figure out who will die by seasons end. (who’s power(s) is dispensable)

    since he cant quite teleport yet, i think he’ll utilize his flight capabilities at least once before coming into contact with hiro (at which point he’ll probably never need to fly again).

    i also dont think molly is going to make it. actually i think she will, since she’s a kid and was introduced so late in the season, but i dont want her to. her power can take all the fun out of fighting against bad guys. if you always know where they are theres no suspense. unless of course josh’s idea comes true; in which case syler lives because no one can beat him and she helps the good guys search out other mutants, all the while keeping track of sylers whereabouts so they can always stay one step ahead of him. who knows.

    now that i think of it, anybody can die at any time, except peter. he should be the star of the show since he can technically perform any power thats introduced. the writers needn’t worry about whether or not someones power can be beneficial down the line. just give it to peter and/or sylar and thats just more meat for the villains. (goodbye ted)

    one thing i didnt quite get was what happened with sylars attempted assassination. did he override hiro’s power or did hiro lose some resolve and relinquish somewhat on his own?

    regarding the micah/candice thing, if micah can “speak” to the cameras then they can guide him, but i think he can only manipulate, in which case looking through a camera would produce the same result as looking with the naked eye. the illusionary effect occurs in the brain. i really dont think the writers are gonna go down this road though. im pretty sure in their minds candice’s illusions are foolproof.

    regarding the end of this season: theres no way the bombs gonna explode. nathan will win the election (the present one is for senate, right). sylar will live. ted dies. and linderman isn’t top dog, he’s answering to someone as well. someone whos mouth is all we’ll see.

  3. >>does peter have hiro’s power yet?

    Peter met future-Hiro on the subway, so you’d think he would, but I’ve never seen him use it.

    >>i also dont think molly is going to make it.

    She was alive in the 5-years-in-the-future episode. Future-Hiro was looking for her. That doesn’t mean she won’t die, but it makes it more likely that she’ll live.

    >>now that i think of it, anybody can die at any time, except peter.

    I don’t know – killing Peter off would return balance. Granted, I’m not sure the show is about balance, but he is really powerful.

    >>one thing i didnt quite get was what happened with sylars
    >>attempted assassination. did he override hiro’s power or
    >>did hiro lose some resolve and relinquish somewhat on his own?

    I got the impression that either Hiro lost resolve and let his time-freeze slip, or that the duration on his time-stop lapsed. I don’t think Sylar had any part in restarting time.

    >>regarding the end of this season…

    I do think they’ll prevent the explosion. I think Nathan winning the senate spot is 50/50. I agree: Sylar lives. Ted dies. But I do think Linderman, along with Hiro’s dad and perhaps some unseen others, are at the top of the food chain.

  4. I think that Hiro’s resolve had more to do with it than anything.

    Also, can anyone remember if future Hiro touched Peter when he froze time on the subway, or did Peter just automatically start mimicking his powers? if so, then does Peter just need to think about it and he could be able to tap into Hiro’s powers?

  5. I don’t think the time freeze naturally broke because it had lasted much longer in the past, so if it wasn’t Sylar then logically it was Hiro’s resolve.

    and, was that a power that Suresh has to use his healthy antibodies? I don’t see why using his would be any different than anyone else’s.

    As for having Hiro’s power, theoretically Peter should have the capability because he was in contact with him, but probably just doesn’t know it. Was it just me or was future Peter a little bit whiney? I expected him to be more of a badass by then.

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