Heroes Part Twenty-Three

The season finale is here, and for this fun time, I think I will liveblog it.

-Molly recognizes Matt and as he wakes up he tells Mr.B that they will not be shooting her. She then becomes sick again. Claire calls her dad and lets him know about Syler getting to Ted. Mr.B tells Peter that he may be the only who can stop Syler. Mr.B says they have a tracking device and once it is back up and running they will find Syler and he will let Claire know.

Peter wants to get Nathan’s help, but Claire does not trust him. As Peter talks to Nathan, he hears Nathan’s thoughts and realizes that Claire was right, he turns invisible and runs away. As he gets outside, his nuclear powers kick in and he collapses. As Claire tries to get away from the car, and Nathan, her grandmother stops her and she leaves with Nathan and granny.

-Molly wakes up and says she will find Syler. She then says there is one person she cannot find, because when she thinks about him, he can see her. I wonder who that person is? She finds Syler in Isaac’s apartment. Mr.B calls Claire, and ends up talking to Grandmother Petrelli, she says that Claire will be safe and that he can say goodbye to Claire. Mr.B says he needs to find Peter, but Claire does not know where he is. Matt wants to go after Syler, but Mr.B says he will be killed if he goes without Peter.

Peter wakes up, but he is back watching himself meeting Simone, as his mother talks to Mr. Deveraux. I wonder what his powers were?

-Peter goes outside and listens to the conversation between Charles and Grandma. She is saying how he is weak and the bomb will go off, but Mr.D thinks that Peter is the one, he has courage, heart, and empathy. As she leaves, Charles says he knows that Peter is there, and then we cut to commercial!

-Does anything think Age of Love looks like the worst show ever? Unless you were on it of course…

-Ando goes to Isaac’s apartment witha sword, and there is Syler, who knocks the sword out of his hand. He tortures Ando and laughs about the comic book, and then Hiro arrives. There is a brief standoff, but then Hiro teleports he and Ando out of the apartment.

-Niki comes to get Micah, and sees Jessica sitting there and Micah dead. Obviously this is a Candice trick.

-Parkman goes to Isaac’s place and sees Syler’s painting of Peter and Syler facing off in front of the building where Molly is located. Suresh tells Molly that they need to go because the boogyman is coming. She says that he is already here.

-As Claire, Nathan, and Granny try to leave, Claire realizes that they are going to let the bomb go off. She thinks they are horrible for doing this to Peter and Nathan tries to rationalize it to her. They tell her that she will have a family with them, but she says she has one and then dives out the window. As Nathan looks down at her, she heals and runs away. Granny says to let her go. What a cold hearted bitch.

-Okay, Transformers looks really crappy. Damn you Michael Bay!!!
-So, I guess Heroes: Origins will be airing over the summer in the same time slot, six episodes and we can vote on a new character for season 3.

-Niki sees Jessica in a mirror and she realizes that she is fighting Candice. She also realizes that she has the strength and kicks Candice who morphs to her normal form. She finds Micah and they are happily reunited. Awe.

-Suresh and Molly try to get out of the building and run into a bleeding DL. He wants to help DL, but the elevator is not working.

-Ando and Hiro pop back up in Japan, and Hiro says he must finish the journey alone. Hiro gives Ando his sword and says that he will be back for it. Ando tells him that he looks badass.

-Peter wants to know what is going on, is he time travelling or is Charles doing it? He tells Peter that there is always one who will save everyone, and he knew it would be Peter and that he has what it takes to do it. Mr.B wakes up Peter, who is still in the alley. He says that he will stay with Peter and if he needs to he will put Peter down himself. He then reveals his real name: NOAH! I wonder if anyone would have guessed that.

-Micah, Niki, Suresh, DL, and Molly get to the elevator and Molly says it does not work. Micah touches the button and turns it on. They smile at each other and well, we all know he will be hitting that someday.

-Mr.B and Peter get to where Syler is, but cannot see him. Syler comes behind Noah and sends him flying, as Peter faces him, Syler says “What took you so long?” Oh god, the showdown we have been waiting for.

-Syler starts choking Peter with telekinesis, and then stops Parkman’s bullets in the air. He starts beating Peter with a parking meter, but Niki stops him, Peter says to go to her family. He now has her strength and is hitting Syler, but then he starts to glow red and Syler starts laughing. Hiro then teleports in and stabs Syler in the chest. Peter wants Hiro to kill him, but Syler pushes Hiro away and he is forced to teleport. Noah gets ready to shoot Peter, but Claire takes the gun from him.

Nathan flies in and says not to shoot him, and the future is not written in stone. The brothers exchange I love yous and Nathan flies Peter away from the city. Before they left, Nathan said: You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world.

Everyone watches as the bomb goes off, high above the city (I wonder if the EMP took out everything like it did in Dark Angel?)

-Holy shit!!! They are giving us a preview of next season!!!
Hiro is in Feudal Japan, and then another eclipse comes and then it ends. Does anyone else think that Syler is still alive somehow??? What about Peter? Did he survive, so Nathan died, did anyone predict that? I will have to check…

18 thoughts on “Heroes Part Twenty-Three

  1. Of course Syler is alive, they showed the manhole open with blood trailing to it and then said end of volume 1, implying that Sylars first efforts were thwarted (in my opnion).

    Yes Age of Love looks terrible, but Bionic Woman may take the cake.

    I was waiting for Candice to morph into her fat ugly self, too bad.

    Did Mr. B really never reveal his name? For some reason I remember hearing Noah, maybe in one of the flashbacks.

    I noticed the Molly-Micah look too, totally a future love interest there.

    In the end, it was Nathan who actually had the heart and the courage to stop the bomb, so I guess Mr. D was wrong.

    (Damn you DL why wont you die?!)

  2. On another note, Origins won’t be airing this summer. A website article I just read said the new season will start in the fall and run 24 new episodes, then Origins probably next summer.

  3. how could you possibly thing transformers looks terrible? im more amped for that movie than for anything else this summer! and this dates all the way back to the spring, even before i saw spidey. have you seen the newest trailer? its freakin unbelievable how awesome that is movie is gonna be.

    though die hard 4 is beginning to grow on me as well. i was somewhat concerned since i heard it was gonna be pg-13, but its latest trailer looks amazing as well. full of implausibilities and action bordering on divinity. sounds like a perfect summer flick to me.

    and heroes? the peter-sylar fight was somewhat of a letdown (the lightshow from the future episode was better imo). and that hayden pic is pretty sweet. shes legal, right?

  4. Oh wow – I just did a big writeup on this finale and totally forgot about the manhole. You think Sylar’s alive? That would be great – they gave him a lame Darth Maul death.

  5. Josh, you realize you’re not really blogging for the show, you’re just recapping everything that happens?

    But, syler is of course alive because how else is there going to be a next season without a super strong bad guy, i don’t think they could think up someone who could be as powerful as syler with the equivalency of evilness.

    Since this series seems to have lovey dovey everyone wins kinda twists to it, i’m thinking that not a soul died. peter can regenerate himself, and i’m assuming this is how he gets his scar from the future, and i bet that nathan did a catapulting type thing when they were flying into space cuz peter told him to. For the start of next season i bet peter shows up at claire and Noah’s door saying something cheezy like “did you miss me?” and nathan flies in next, with close deshevelled (i don’t think i spelled that right), and bitch slaps his mom saying how wrong she was.

    And since we’re ended with that whole samurai thing, i’m going to go ahead and say that syler is going to roll out into someones cubby hole in the sewer who happens to be like a buddhist healer, and have a revelation equivalent to tom cruise in the last samurai. By the way i don’t want hiro to lose the glasses later on, he’s bad ass as a four eyed samurai…HIYA!


  6. Kearney you spelled clothes wrong, nice work.

    I completely forgot about Molly talking about the one person she wouldn’t locate because they could see her doing it. Could that be bad guy #2? If Sylar is indeed out of the picture (which he isn’t), then this new potential villain will takeover. Or perhaps the combined efforts of the two? That’s my best guess, the baddies will come together and form some kind of anti-hero group.

  7. Mr. Killarny…yes you spelled something wrong, clothes, not close. anyways…

    The question becomes who is the man that molly is afraid to look for because he can see her? it is easy to create another evil villain. remember claude said he met empaths before, so it is possible that there is someone out there like Peter who is not so nice. Plus villainy does not always have to come in the form of one mastermind. What about society? That might be taking it a little too much from X-Men, but still, there are so many ideas to explore with the concept of people being genetically more advanced than the rest of us.

    Also, what if there are two opposing ideas on what should be done with their powers? What if some of the heroes want to take hold of mankind’s destiny and help shape it, while others want to sit back and be ready to catch them when the fall. Proactive vs. Reactive? That kind of thing can lead to war between friends.

    And yes, these are usually just recaps that I write, and then we discuss ideas in the comments. Live blogging it was harder than I thought because commercials are not long enough for me to actually get my own ideas out there, and since no one else was actually looking at this while i typed it, my own ideas would have made no sense without some kind of recap behind it.

    Anyways, I hope that Nathan did not survive. Peter survived, but will not have his scar yet (if he will ever have it at all, remember, the future has been changed). Kring said that the scar would not show up for a few more seasons, but that could be him just lying. I guess NBC has worried that he painted himself into a corner when they had Future Hiro say he did not remember Peter without his scar, and then Peter gets Claire’s healing power.

    I am excited for the webcomics to be published in trade paperback form, although I hope they have them in a nice hardcover, because those are so much sweeter and look so much nicer in my bookcases.

    Offord…I think Mr.D was right and wrong. Peter had the heart to change Nathan’s desires. Without Peter and his constant belief that Nathan was a good person, then Nathan would have let the bomb go off, but because Peter believed in Nathan so strongly, well you get what I am saying.

    IF Syler is still alive, and he and Peter must face off once again, I wonder if Peter will try to train himself a little better. I mean, when he is around Syler, he should be able to tap into any of Syler’s power’s, so he should be able to stop himself from getting choked to death. I believe next season will be a continuation of the heroic journey, but instead of saving the world and all that, they will be finding themselves, for example Hiro learning how to be a warrior, or Peter mastering all of his powers. If Syler is still alive, maybe Peter and Hiro will go together (when Hiro returns obviously) and start searching out other’s with powers, two reasons: 1. to warn them about Syler
    2. so Peter can absorb their power

    Gideon…I am still iffy about Transformers (this deserves it’s own post I think), but I will see it, in fact I will go to a midnight showing or whatever and I will be totally geeked up about it. Unfortunately, my expectations are rather low, and I am more excited to see FF2 (although, i fear that they are going to rush the introduction of Galactus. Seriously they should save Galactus for a third movie, this one better only be about the Surfer and how he is the herald, and then his subsequent change of heart before Galactus arrives, saving the big purple world eater for the 3rd movie and an all-out battle between Galactus, SS and the FF, and hopefully throw in a few more of the other Heralds…wow, that was a long little rant about something totally unrelated)

    Okay, so I am going to check out Greg’s write up. Hopefully we do not get dueling comments going, but anything different I post over there, I will bring back here, so those of you who are lazy do not have to be out of the loop on anything. We have a lot of time to discuss all things Heroes related, which kind of makes me sad.

  8. I’m not so sure that if two people have telekinesis that they’re able to cancel each other out. Think about it – Sylar is choking Peter. What exactly is pressing against Peter’s neck? Nothing. Sylar is causing the neck to compress inwards, but nothing is actually doing the pushing. Thus, there is nothing to stop. Peter could choke Sylar back, if he’s not too much in pain to focus on it, but not stop what Sylar is doing. If Sylar is moving a box from west to east, Peter could push back against it in the opposite direction, but not actually prevent Sylar from exerting pressure on it. Kind of interesting.

  9. Greg…yeah, i know what you are saying, but with a little clever thought, couldn’t peter then push outward on his own windpipe to stop the choking? or how about ripping out one of syler’s eyes? problem with telekinesis is, when you think about it, it’s kind of unstoppable. what would stop someone from just closing the valves in your heart? or hell, just touching the inside of your brain hard enough to give you an aneurysm…

    I guess my point is, Peter would not cancel him out, but at least match him. And then when they are evenly matched, that’s when it comes down to hand-to-hand combat, well probably not, but that would be cool.

  10. Who knows, I just like throwing stuff out there.

    BTW, my sister started watching the season from the start 2 days ago (didn’t make it through all of them before the finale…), but should be finished up soon. I’ll try to get her to join in on the blog. The more the merrier in my opinion.

  11. This is from PMD over at Greg’s blog.

    “A scene I really liked but doesn’t stand out was where Nathan and his mother took Claire to Nathan’s office to pick up some papers. There they started talking about the explosion and what is to come. This scene reminded me very much of Return of the Jedi where Vader presents Luke to the emperor… Claire fighting for the soul of her father while her grandmother coldly criticizes her and dominates her son to keep him in check. You can really see Nathan questioning his role and how tightly his mother holds the leash. Even with Nathan remaining fairly expressionless (all his emotion is conveyed in either a look at a person or an object), a very well acted scene. When Heroes first started, I looked at Claire’s adoptive family trying to keep her secret from the world and figured her to be a ‘Clark Kent’. I can see now the character is really more of a ‘Luke Skywalker’.”

    I really liked that and figured it would be cool to share with you guys.

  12. I agree that the guy playing Nathan’s acting has gotten exponentially better. At the beginning I thought he was over the top in his arrogance. I don’t know if it has been him adjusting to the role or just me getting used to him and understanding the character better, but overall, I liked him a lot more by the end of the season.

  13. You need to put up a post about the Pirates so I can bitch.

    Remember the Yankee series last year that ruined the season? Well this year disappointment’s spelled A.R.I.Z.O.N.A.

    They are finished.
    (I searched for Randy Quaid’s quote from Major League 2 when he sums up the Indians’ season being over, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. You get the point though.

  14. I’ve decided that Hiro’s father’s power is the fact that he never ages. he is The Highlander, and he was alive in Kyoto in 1671.

    He’s been waiting a long time for a Nakamura to ascend. Does he mean just his son or his daughter? Doesn’t sound like it.


  15. Greg…that’s an interesting thought. What did he say to Hiro when they were sparring? Something about how he’s been around for awhile or something like that?

    Offord…thanks. and ask for and you shall receive.

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