Heroes Part Twenty-Two

One more episode to go, and it looks to be pretty awesome. This episode piqued my excitement and made me go into a geekgasm (yes I stole that term from DC Universe, sue me, well please don’t, I am poor.)

Hiro and Ando go to a swordsmith to get the sword fixed. Hiro’s dad comes out of the back and tells Hiro that he is proud of Hiro and that he needs to complete his training. Hiro’s dad tells him about how he and others once set out to change the world, but they lost their way. I knew that his father was special. He trains him to be a sword fighter and at the end he tells Hiro that he is ready to kill his enemy. When Hiro comes out to get Ando, the guy says that Ando bought a sword and said he would complete his mission if Hiro could not.

Peter, Claire, and Ted try to leave the city, but Ted is picked up by Audrey and the FBI, on a tip from Syler. When they are transporting Ted, Syler flips the truck and takes Ted’s brain. Peter and Claire see what happened afterwards, and Peter realizes he has to stop Syler, but he is afraid.

Micah talks to Candice, and she alludes to the fact that people are horrible and that Linderman is going to do a good thing by saving humanity. Micah says he did not think humanity was sick. Oh yeah, I started to say what she was alluding to, and got sidetracked, anyways, she mentions that maybe she was not so attractive and that her current hotness is just an illusion.

Most people guessed what Micah was being used for, he talks to the voting machines and has Nathan win the election by a landslide.

DL and Jessica mount a rescue mission and head for Linderman. When they find him, he says that he will give her $10 million to kill DL, and she says she would, but that Nikki would not. Nikki takes control, but Linderman goes to shoot her, DL steps in front and takes the bullet, but then gets behind Linderman and phases his hand into his brain and kills him.

Nathan sees Hiro and is told about the bomb, he tells Hiro that he knows and Hiro tells him that he will become a bad man in the future. Nathan says that the bomb is necessary, and Hiro says he is already a villain.

Linderman sees Nathan and his wife, and heals her legs. It is a miracle, yay.

At the end of the episode, Syler is floating above the city and he starts to use Ted’s power and says “Boom.”

Sorry about the lacklust recap, give me your input, I have to get to work, starting at 11 p.m. sucks.

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  1. Thoughts:

    Mr. Nakamura was waiting in that swordsmith’s shop for Hiro. How did he know he would go there? We know he has a power, but not what it is. Related?

    Anyway, if Hiro is going to have to cut out his own heart, I’m pretty sure that means Ando.

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