Heroes Part Twenty

I watched this live from Philipsburg last night with my brother. The episode was set five years into the future and focused on Hiro and Ando, and what everyone else has become.

It turns out that Syler was the bomb that destroyed NYC. Nathan becomes president and starts arresting anyone with powers. Once Suresh tells him they cannot be cured, Nathan wants them to be killed.

Parkman and the Haitian work for Homeland Security, and they are trying to arrest Hiro, who is considered a terrorist. Parkman gets now-Hiro, but future-Hiro and Ando get away. They visit Peter in Vegas who is now dating Nikki, who lost Micah and DL, but also Jessica as well. Peter has his kickass scar.

Mr.Bennett is helping people with powers start new lives and Parkman knows about it, but lets him do it, so that Mr.B will tell him about really dangerous ones. After Parkman fails to capture Hiro, he forces Mr.B to tell him where Claire is living. He arrests her and takes her to Nathan.

They argue a bit, and then Nathan says something weird about how everything was complete after he met Candice and then Claire is forcibly stopped and she turns around. Nathan shimmers and becoms Syler. He cuts her head open and now he is all powerful.

Later, future-Hiro, Peter, and Ando storm the building where present-Hiro is being held. Peter and Hiro are so badass. Suresh kills the Haitian because he wants Hiro to go back and kill Syler.

Future-Hiro gets shot, and Nathan shows up and starts to fight Peter, but Peter knows something is weird because Nathan used DLs powers. Nathan turns into Syler, and says that he was upset that everyone blames him for the bomb, when in reality it was Peter. They start to fight, Peter’s hands turn red and get all fiery and Syler’s turn blue and get all icy. Or was it the other way around? Oh well, not important.

Hiro and Ando return to the present and Hiro knows he now must kill Syler to stop everything.

Let me know what you guys thought. There were all sorts of other little things in this episode.

11 thoughts on “Heroes Part Twenty

  1. i thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though it was littered with themes from other sources. perhaps it was all the action (or rather the implication of action) that kept my juices pumpin. that and the desire to see 5 years later micah played by the same actor with nothing but a really bad goatee signifying his age.

    some thoughts:
    – methinks nikki’s lapdance prices were a tad outrageous

    – im still convinced suresh has powers

    – was the cheerleader saved or not? if so, why does peter have an f’ing scar?

    – candice has gotta be a shapeshifter and not just a “clouder or minds” or something like that. and if so, she should be able to turn into dragon. and she should stay that way. i know thats what id do. either a dragon or kevin sorbo.

  2. The moment when Nathan turned into Syler was possibly my favorite moment of the season. I literally yelled out ‘oh my god’.

    You’re right about Peter having the fire, not that it matters.

    A few thoughts:

    I think Claire looks even hotter with dark hair.

    Now that Ando knows he’s going to die, how will that change everything?

    Where was Linderman in the future?

    How can Peter possibly survive a nuclear bomb exploding in him? I don’t care if he has regenerative powers, he would be vaporized instantly.

    I don’t think Suresh has powers because his father would have either a) told him, or b) not tell him anything about his experiments. Oh wait, he did do b. So, maybe he does?

    Obviously Syler killed Nathan as well as Candice, must have been before the election, but how did Syler get blamed for the bomb and not Peter? If Syler was the President the whole time, he could have easily placed the blame on Peter. Seems like a tiny loophole they missed to me.

    Lastly, is Charlie’s involvment ever going to have an affect? I figured it would be when the list was destroyed Syler would remember all the names, but obviously he didn’t. So, do you think that will come into the picture, or was it just a random scene to show Hiro’s not gay? Oh, in addition, now that he’s got his powers back to normal, wouldn’t he want to go back and save her? Or did he pretty much give up on that after the first time around.

    Okay that’s it for now, I hope you’re move goes smoothly Josh, and I’ll try not to beat you too badly this week. Maybe like 9-6, I’ll take that.

  3. I’m really mad that I missed this episode. I forgot that Heroes started up again last week, and this Monday I was romping with hot carpenters (ok, so I’m not as angry about missing this week, given the circumstances). So now I have to avoid Heroes until I can start over with these episodes again.

  4. Sylar wasn’t actually the bomb that destroyed NYC – it’s just that everyone thinks it was Sylar, because that’s what Nathan told everyone in order to protect his brother, while villifying the guy he knew was a villain. At some point after that, Sylar killed Nathan and took his place. Still, it makes me wonder how Hiro killing Sylar is supposed to prevent the explosion if the explosion was actually Peter.

    And Future-Hiro wasn’t just considered a terrorist by others, it sounded like he defined himself that way too.

    And we first see Peter’s scar. I’d thought that Peter was going to get the scar when Sylar cut open his head in the last episode, but it looks like it’s a completely different scar. So why does it not heal since Peter has Claire’s healing ability? And will the present-Peter get the same scar, or is it unique to the future-reality which may never take place?

    I’d thought that both Peter and Sylar’s fire/ice abilities were radiation. Could’ve been anything, I guess. We already know that Sylar can freeze things even back in the present. We saw him freeze a victim in episode 2 or 3, and again in the online graphic novel.

    In any event, this certainly gives us something to fear – something we can root for Hiro to prevent. It certainly is a lousy future.

    Comments on the comments:

    Mohinder does not have powers. Come on.

    As for Peter surviving “a nuclear bomb exploding in him”, I don’t think it’s like that. Remember when Ted “exploded” in the Bennetts’ house? I think what happened to him is more like that. The emission of radiation didn’t kill Ted.

    I think Sylar killed Nathan after the election – see what I wrote in my first paragraph.

    Offord – astute observation about Charlie’s involvement. We know that Sylar has the eidetic memory, I guess he never got a good look at the list. But what I hadn’t realized is that he involvement, and Ando’s subsequent brief involvement with that tall chick let the viewers know for sure that they aren’t gay. This way we don’t get the Frodo/Sam homosexual accusations.

    Allison – watch the episode online! Free! Heroes website!

  5. I like comments, they are so much fun. Actually more fun than my original writing.

    Gideon…yes, i would never pay that for a lapdance from her. it better be one helluva lapdance.

    i’m with greg on this one, mohinder does not have powers.

    -in this future, the cheerleader was saved, but hiro never killed syler. i am guessing the wound was so deep that his power did not kick in in time to heal it, OR he chose not to heal it, to remind himself of the danger he is to himself and others.

    -the writers of the show have said that she creates illusions (candice), that she is not a shapeshifter like Mystique.

    -what about a dragon with the abs of kevin sorbo???

    Offord…yeah, I agree about Claire, so much hotter with dark hair. I would definitely be the creepy guy going to eat at that crappy diner everday. I’d be like Hooter, only not smelly.

    Can Ando change the past? I think Hiro understands that he can never save Charlie, but the question is, if Ando stays away from NYC on the day of the bomb, will he die some other way? Like an anvil falling from the sky?

    Wolverine has been thrown into the sun before I think. He survived. Oh wait, that is completely ridiculous. And i again agree with Greg on this one, it seems like energy/radiation comes from Teddy, but does not harm him (if it did, that would be a pretty dumb power)…If Lex Luthor were in this world, he would definitely capture Teddy and find a way to make him give Metropolis free electricity (he did that to the Flash in DK2).

    Syler killed Nathan after Peter destroyed NYC.

    There was a linderman reference, something about the Linderman Project. Hmm.

    The memory thing bugs me too. I wonder if Syler has to turn certain powers off at times, or what? It brings up alot of questions about him. I am guessing he did not get a good enough look at the list.

    How is Hiro going to kill him? I just cannot see it happening, couldn’t Syler just turn the sword into liquid with that other funky power he has? I honestly doubt that it was random, but i could see them wanting to eliminate the homosexual discussions like with Frodo/Sam.

    Greg…yeah, Future-Hiro is fighting an oppressive government that is trying to wipe out his kind. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter or whatever.

    I have read that Syler will use his freezing powers more in an upcoming episode (i believe it is next weeks, but i could be wrong.)

    Allison…when i’m in pittsburgh we definitely have to have Heroes night, probably a Lost night too. well next season anyways. I hope i will be a good substitute for the hot carpenters. I have a tool belt somewhere.

  6. that whole “creating illusions” thing doesn’t make any sense, since computers and cameras wouldn’t be able to see a difference. i took a whole class in school about how computers can’t register optical illusions. if that’s all the power is it would be possible to override that particular power with a robot running a simple facial recognition program loaded with sylar’s original facial data. but i guess thats not really the point; it seems like the writers chose to go this way in order to give the user the ability to alter environments as well.

  7. I know, I know, you can watch the episodes online for free….but I hate watching it online. I did that with Lost a few times too and eventually gave up.

    Husband, if we’re going to have Lost and Heroes nights, I’ll need caught up. Will you be bringing TiVo with you?

    You’ll be a fine carpenter substitute. You’re already much more intelligent than they are (although one of them kinda reminds me of you) but bring your toolbelt just in case.

    Also, thanks for working in a reference to Hooter. Now the nightmares can begin again.

  8. How can Hiro kill Sylar? Easy. Stop time and stab him. How can Sylar melt the sword when Hiro walks around a corner, comes up, unsheathes the sword and stabs him in less than an instant?

  9. Greg…after I wrote that, i felt absolutely retarded. i completely forgot that Hiro’s power was freezing time, not just time travelling. so one stupid comment from me, anyone keeping track so far?

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