Lost: Episode 319

I do not know if anyone has noticed this, but Brian K. Vaughn has been listed as executive story editor or something like that, and I can definitely see his influence. The last few episodes have definitely had more focus. This episode also did not really have a flashback, it had the main stuff and then stuff that happened starting 8 days ago, which I guess is a flashback, but not our normal flashback.

Eight days ago, Locke is staring at his father with Ben and Richard. They say he came from the “magic box.” As Locke assimilates with the group, Ben tells him that he is special because Ben has already begun to regain feeling in his legs. However, in order for John to truly be one of them, he must kill his father. Locke is unable to, and he is shunned from the group. Later, Richard comes to him and says that is Ben being an idiot and that the Others finally have hope because of John. He gives Locke a file about Sawyer and says that he will kill Locke’s dad.

One night while Sawyer is out taking a leak, Locke comes to him and says that he wants him to come kill Ben. The trek through the jungle, and Sawyer explains that he will not kill Ben, but Locke says he will after he hears what Ben has to say. As they travel together, Locke tells Sawyer about the file, and about how it must have been hard for James to watch his father kill his mother and then himself.

They get to the old slave ship, the Black Rock, and Locke traps Sawyer in a room with Ben, but when Sawyer takes the hood off, it is actually Locke’s dad. Sawyer asks how he got to the island and Locke’s dad says that he was driving, got into an accident, and then everything went black, and next thing he knows, he is trapped in a room and he is tied up. Next thing he knows, his son, who he pushed out a window and who died, comes walking into the room. Sawyer asks if the push killed him, and he says no, it paralyzed him. He says that Locke died on a flight from Sydney. Sawyer does not believe him, but then learns that they found everyone’s body a few weeks ago at the bottom of the ocean.

They continue to talk and Sawyer figures out that Locke’s dad was the one who conned his family, and got his parents killed. He makes him read the letter, which the old man starts to mock and tears it up. Sawyer then chokes him to death. Locke lets Sawyer go, but first tells him that Juliet is a spy for Ben, and gives him the tape recorder to prove it. He says there will be another raid in 3 nights. Locke leaves to follow the Others with the body.

Rest of the Group
Jin, Hurley, Desmond, and Charlie bring Naomi back, but keep her hidden. They bring in Sayid and he learns some disturbing news. She was part of a company searching for Desmond, she had coordinates in the middle of the ocean, and one day she was flying in the chopper when the clouds parted and the island was just there. Her helicopter then crashed. She tells them that they had found the wreckage of Flight 815 a few days ago and that all the bodies had been found as well. Sayid takes her sat-phone and starts working on it. Kate sees it and they bring her in on it, but they do not want Jack to know.

Later Kate goes to Jack, who is with Juliet and says she wants to talk alone, but Jack says that anything meant for him can be said in front of Juliet. Kate gets upset and says that they found a girl, but that no one wanted to tell Jack because they do not trust him. Naomi may have a way to be rescued. Juliet starts to tell Jack that maybe they should tell Kate, but Jack says “No, not yet.” And then he wants to see Naomi and the phone.

The theory that they are stuck in some Purgatory is starting to fit more and more, but it has many holes. If anyone has theories, let me know.

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  1. I am enjoying all of the interweaving storylines and newly arisen questions. however, more and more i fear that when all is said and done and the final truths are revealed it will be ultimately unfulfilling.

    there are too many holes in the purgatory theory for it to be the correct one. i think the writers are purposely leading viewers in that direction, just to snatch out the rug from under them (though if thats the case they are pretty much dead in the water since that theory has been around since the first season and most devotees have abandoned it already)

    am i the only one that thought the sat-phone interface looked a lot like the iphone interface? (for those that have seen the iphone interface)

    and i saw the episode online so i didnt see the scenes from next week. can anybody fill me in no any potential juliet lynching – possibly lord of the flies style?

  2. I really really hope they’re not all dead – it would be such a huge cop-out. Maybe the chick who told them that will turn out to be a plant.

  3. I did not see the previews either Gideon. And I think you are absolutely right, the writers want to lead everyone down the Purgatory path and then BAM! It is something completely different.

    I have said this before, and I wonder if this is true, in the comic Sandman, there is an Inn (I cannot remember the name), but it is at the world’s end and a bunch of travelers get stuck there during a storm. They are all from different time periods and different worlds i.e. centaurs are there with a guy from 1980s Chicago. I wonder if Neil Gaiman took that from some mythology (since he does that alot) and I wonder if the writers are drawing on something similar. They are not dead, but instead on an island that is not part of any world, it is just outside of everything…Sorry, that is just me thinking onto the screen.

    The satphone does look like the iPhone. have you heard anything about it, is it a good phone? I am still considering the Motorola Q.

    My biggest fear is that people will continue to stop watching and the show will be cancelled before we get to the ending.

    I really hope she is not a plant or something like that. I mean, the Losties need some kind of hope.

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