Lost: Episode 320

Again, an episode that adds depth to a villain, and this time it is Ben. I will start with the flashback today.

It starts with a man picking up his wife, who just gave birth, and running out to the road, a sign says it is near Portland. A car stops and picks them up, but the woman dies and she says to name the baby, Benjamin.

A few years later, Roger and Ben are coming to the island, at the invite of the man who picked them up earlier. Roger is pissed that he is to be a janitor, he is the Roger Work Man that Hurley found in the van.

From early on, Roger resents Ben, telling him that it is his fault that they are on the island and that his mother is dead. One night Ben runs outside and sees his mother outside the fence. Later he disables the fence and goes out into the jungle, and runs into Richard.

He tells Richard about his mom and how he saw her, and then says he wants to join Richard’s “hostiles”, which the DHARMA Initiative are fighting against. Richard says to be patient.

We fastforward a few years, and Ben is grown up, and he and Roger go out for a beer to celebrate Ben’s birthday. They sit in the van, and Ben pulls a gasmask out and uses a nerve gas canister on his own father. He leaves him in the van that Hurley found.

When he returns to camp, everyone is dead, and Richard and the hostiles come out to clean up the bodies.

Locke brings the body of his father to Ben, and demands to know about the island. Ben tells him about Jacob, who gives his orders to Ben. Locke does not believe there is a Jacob, but instead Ben is the man behind the curtain.

Mikhail comes and tells everyone about Naomi, Ben wants to raid the Losties camp now, but Locke beats the crap out of Mikhail and says they are going to see Jacob. When they get there, it is nothing more than a rundown old house, without electricity. They go inside and Ben is talking to nothing, save for an old chair. Locke thinks that Ben is crazy, until the house starts to shake, and he hears a voice that says “Help me.” He runs from the house and Ben wants to know what he heard. They begin to return home, but Locke realizes that they are going another way. Ben says he wants to show him something.

They get to a pit, where all the DHARMA people were dumped. Ben tells Locke that he was not born on the island, but that he was smart enough not to end up in the pit, unlike John. When Locke turns around, Ben shoots him in the stomach and he falls into the pit. Ben asks what Jacob said, and Locke tells him.

Lost Camp
Sawyer tells Sayid about the tape. Kate explains that she told Jack about Naomi. They hold a big meeting. Juliet says to turn the tape over and they hear about the plans for an attack. Jack says that Juliet told him about what Ben was making her do, and that maybe it was time for them to start giving everyone else some answers.

Sorry, I am running out of time at the library. Anyways, let me know what you think about everything, especially Ben? He is an interesting character. Also, there is an excellent article in Wizard about Tim Kring (Heroes creator) and Damon Lindolf (Lost creator, or whatever he is).

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 320

  1. I hope this show doesnt stray from the sci-fi to the supernatural. thats just cheating. i want a final answer that makes more sense than “there in the twilight zone”. and invisible spirit people dont really strike me as sci-fi.

    unless jacob is only halfway in this dimensional plane, and ben is the only one with the device implanted in his brain that allows him to pick up that particular wavelength stemming from whichever rift jacob is wormholing through. um…yeah.

  2. well apparently ben was able to hear him at one point or another. perhaps jacob was simply talking to locke, and when he talks to anyone he only talks to them…

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