Lost: Episode 321

This will be another quick recap, but do not worry I will try not to skimp out on ya. This is a hard one to recap, it was very interlaced unlike many episodes where I can split it up.

The episode begins with Carl jumping in a boat and trying to get out on the ocean. Then we get to the Lost group and they are being led somewhere by Jack, who calls out to Rousseau, who blows up some trees with dynamite (which she got a few episodes ago). Jack says he intends to put dynamite in the tents that Julia marked and blow the Others up.

Charlie finds out from Naomi that after his death, they came out with a DriveShaft greatest hits and that he became a big deal. Desmond then tells him about another premonition, where Charlie dies, but it allows everyone, especially Claire and Aaron, to leave the island.

Sayid says he can get the sat-phone to work, but they need to disable Rousseau’s transmission. Juliet says that it will not matter, since the Others are blocking it with a station called The Looking Glass. She does not know where it is, but Sayid thinks it is what the cable leads to.

Carl gets to the group and tells them that the Others are coming tonight, not tomorrow night. Jack tells people to go up to the radio tower, three will stay behind and shoot the dynamite, and Charlie and Desmond will go disable the Looking Glass jamming signal. Charlie lies and says he was a great swimmer when he was younger.

Before Charlie leaves, he tells Claire not to worry about him and then tells Aaron he loves him. As he and Desmond get to the boat, Hurley wants to come, but Charlie tells him that he cannot, and that he also loves him.

As the camp starts to head to the tower, Claire takes Aaron and Hurley offers her help, as they walk away, we can see Charlie’s ring, which says DS in Aaron’s crib, I will explain that from the flashback in a moment.

Charlie and Desmond head out, following the cable. When they get there, Desmond says he will go, that maybe he has to replace Charlie, as he starts to take the weight belt, Charlie knocks him out with an oar, and gives him the list he has been making, which was the greatest hits of his life. He wants Des to give it to Claire.

As he swims to the station, he starts to lose his breath, but comes up in the Moon Pool, thinking he was fine. Two chicks come running at him with guns. Hmm, so Desmond’s vision was wrong…

The flashback goes with the list Charlie was writing, the greatest hits of his life.
-Charlie and Liam are fighting about the band not being very good, Liam wants them to get to the venue and play and build a fanbase. The driver of the van tells them to shut up and they hear their song playing on the radio.

4. Charlie’s dad is trying to get him to jump into a public pool, and he promises that he will catch him, Charlie jumps and his dad teaches him how to swim.

3. Liam gives Charlie the ring, which was a family heirloom of the great-grandfather, he wants Charlie to have it because he is the clean rockstar. They had named the band after those same initials. This is the ring that Charlie gives to Aaron.

2. Charlie sees a woman being mugged and goes and stops it. She says he is a hero. If anyone noticed, this was Nadia, Sayid’s love. Also, we had seen this scene before, where Desmond says something to Charlie who is playing “Wonderwall” while it rains. Instead of Desmond being there, Naomi is standing there listening to the music.

1. His greatest hit was the moment he met Claire. He brings her a blanket and makes a few jokes to her and then sits with her and says they will be rescued.

Next week is the finale and I am pretty excited about it. The Others, especially Richard, seem to be fed up with Ben, I wonder what will happen if this mission fails and they find out that he shot Locke?