Lost: Episode 322

The season finale of Lost left me wondering what the hell was going to happen next season. I guess that is what a good finale should do. This will not be a recap, but instead just my observations, feelings, and predictions.

The “flashback” was awesome. I said to James and Karen while we were watching it that it must be a flashforward and then later thought maybe it was still set in the past because Jack said for them to get his father down there. Poor Jack, getting off the island does not do him any favors. He looks like hell and is now a pill popper. Although, Kate looks much hotter in the future, that is exciting.

Charlie dies. He was not the character I would have thought to die at the start of the season. Even after Desmond told him he was supposed to die, I still thought he would make it out. People probably will ask why he did not just get out of the room and shut the door, but I am pretty sure he bought into the fact that Desmond said he needed to drown for Claire to be saved.

Which now brings me to the rescue. I wonder if Naomi’s people are Dr. Mittlewerk’s group. If you did the Lost experience last season, Dr.M is the guy who was #2 in command behind Alvar Hanso and did something to Hanso and was using the company for his own evil ways. Maybe he never knew where the island was and this rescue party will actually be a new evil force which will force the Losties and the Others to join together against a new common enemy.

I wonder if when the helicopter comes, if it will take Claire and Aaron away, as a sign of good faith, and then later they will come back with their evil intentions. Will Aaron ever get Charlie’s ring?

For the few of you who read this, let me know what you thought. I cannot imagine how they are going to get 48 more episodes out of this show unless there is another group of hostiles on the island.

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 322

  1. i kind of ruined this episode for myself by listening to spoilers the monday before the episode, which stated that the flashback would in fact be a flash forward and that 2 people die, one of whom would be killed by a good guy. at that point i figured it would be locke. oh well. i still enjoyed the episode and think the show is back on track after the early this season.

    im fine with charlie dying, i was never really a big fan of his character (too whiny). i do think it was silly of him to not leave the room first, but i guess it was noble and will provide a positive memory of him.

    i think its funny that walt (as with all the other surviving kids) was written off the show in the first place because the creators
    realized that they would age faster than the show progressed, and yet they bring him back anyway. looking like a foot taller and with a deeper voice. yeah, that happened in 3 months.

    i really think they should do two 24 episode seasons rather than three 16 episode seasons; the show is potentially in danger of losing its fanbase already. and now they want to give it the sopranos treatment and knock off two more months of new episodes per year. im not totally sure people are gonna wait 8 months for new episodes…

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to tell how the whole break up of episodes will pan out.

    I did call it though, after BK Vaughn signed on to head the writing, I knew the show would find it’s direction again.

    You (Gideon) should check out BKV’s comic, Ex Machina, it’s about NYC and a mayor with the ability to talk to machines. It is pretty awesome book.

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