Spider-Man 3

I know that some of you have been waiting, patiently, for my review of S3, well no longer fear, the wait is over.

I definitely enjoyed the movie, but thought it could have been much better. It was still a better film than say Man-Thing or Catwoman. Just kidding, it was still better than most comic book movies, especially any that have made it to a third installment.

The Good
Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church were excellent as Eddie Brock and Sandman. Also, the Sandman special FX kicked ass. Also, Bryce Dallas Howard was very hot as Gwen Stacy.

The fight scenes were fast paced and definitely looked cool. The movie started off with fights and kept them going throughout the film. Also, the writers did a great job of explaining Venom without getting way too into it, all we needed to know is that the suit was a symbiote, we did not need any Secret Wars or long story about where it came from. The comics history of the symbiote would be way too convoluted.

The overall story was very good, the idea of revenge being poison and all that stuff fits very nicely with the last two films, and later the idea of redemption. I enjoyed that part of the movie.

The Bad
This might seem like I am pointing out more bad than good, and that may be the case, but these are just little things in my book, but anyways here we go.

Way too much going on all at once. I would have been fine with an introduction to Eddie Brock, Sandman and Harry being the villains, and Gwen Stacy being introduced as a love interest. I wish the story would have went something like this: Harry enlists the Sandman to kill Peter (much of the beginning goes the same way), Harry continues the whole MJ pushing Peter away thing, and he starts to talk to Gwen. When MJ asks Peter to come to the bridge, the Goblin has her suspended in the air, and drops her, as Peter goes to save her, he accidently snaps her neck. That would deinitely be a twist on the way Gwen died in the comics. Also, it would go back to the whole, Peter’s life sucks, when things go great, something bad inevitably happens.

He then turns to the black suit and uses it to defeat Harry, most likely killing him. He learns about the revenge thing from Aunt May, and then goes out and redeems himself by getting rid of the suit and forgiving Sandman (for helping Harry). Keep the Eddie story the same, and just save him getting the suit for the end, that way if you want to do a 4th film, you now have a villain to focus. Plus, you are rid of Kirsten Dunst and get to go with Howard.

Okay, I guess that was a little bit longer than I intended. Anyways, I thought Kirsten and Tobey pretty much phoned it in. They sucked. The dance scene was absolutely retarded. Why would you introduce Gwen for that scene? She played too important role in Peter’s life to just gloss over her.

Peter walking around NYC being all creepy was just idiotic. I was uncomfortable watching it. Well needless to say, stupid stuff like that annoyed me.

There were other things that bothered me, like Peter just letting Sandman go, even though he was a criminal (wasn’t letting a criminal just walk free what got Uncle Ben killed to begin with?)

Anyways, I would say: A-/B+

5 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3

  1. shame on you, allison. youve gotta coordinate with people. ive already seen it twice (i didnt really want to though, just promised too many ppl id see it with them)

    i didnt mind emo peter too much. i thought it was silly fun. the date thing with gwen was pretty dumb though. overall, i agree with most people ive talked to about it: worst of the 3, but still better than most other comic book fare. definitely shouldve had some plot points edited out. oh well.

  2. Allison…i will be down on thursday to find an apartment, then moving in as soon as possible.

    greg…i cannot wait to see the DVD, just to hear the commentary about that scene, I wonder if it was meant to make us really uncomfortable…

    gideon…yeah, we are on the same wave length, as usual (‘cept Hulk)

  3. HT, how dare you call me Allison!

    I had alternate plans because I totally forgot that the movie came out that night and it came back to bite me in the ass.

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