Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

After seeing the preview of the movie where Johnny Storm chases after the Surfer and then gets choked, I was pretty excited about the movie. Silver Surfer looked amazing. Unfortunately, that was all I really needed to watch.

The movie turns out to be 92 minutes of cheesy one-liners, team bickering, and way too much information about the wedding of the century. Also, the best way to stop a galactic threat that devours planets: Jessica Alba’s hotness. Apparently, that was all it took. Not the powers of the Fantastic Four, not Reed’s intellect, just one sexy chick.

Dr. Doom returns, and gives the FF a nice little fight, but it really was not all that special. The FF did nothing, and pretty much relied on the hope that Silver Surfer would change his mind and stop Galactus.

Let me move on to a few of the positives. Silver Surfer did look amazing, and I am very excited about the idea of his own movie, especially if it gets a PG13 or R rating. Chris Evans (Johnny Storm/Human Torch) does another great job playing the cocky superhero. I really think they should pair him with Spider-Man in a movie (those two often teamed up in comics, and they are pretty good friends).

Anyways, umm, yeah there really is not much to say about the movie.

Comic Book Movie Grade: D-

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

  1. I, for one, enjoyed the movie. Not enjoy as in “this is a good movie”, but enjoy as in “I walked out of the theater not feeling as though I just wasted 90 minutes of my life” (see: Ghost Rider).

    The series has taken on more of a sitcomish feel, but I don’t see that necessarily as a detriment, but rather a way to differentiate it tonally from other franchises.

    The return of Dr. Doom was fundamentally unnecessary, seeing as the majority of his devious actions weren’t performed as Doom, per se, they could have used any random character. But I think it did help to have a nemesis that did not need its own exposition, potentially bloating the tight flow of the movie.

    Galactus was indeed a letdown, both in imagery and in action, but you cant really have an omnipotent cosmic being really do anything and keep it all under budget.

    But in the end, it wasn’t really a good movie, just entertaining. Instantly forgettable, yes, but entertaining nonetheless.

    And I really want to ride in an elevator behind Jessica Alba. Just to smell her hair and look at our reflection in the mirrored doors, imagining what it would be like to slip my hand around her waist and watch her smile as she leaned back into me, glancing in my direction but for a moment – then breaking free of that fantasy. Acknowledging the LED display on the instrument panel noting the arrival of my floor, and innocently brushing past her on the way to my marketing meeting. Turning back as the doors closed, not to check the feasibility of a forgotten briefcase, but rather to lock eyes with the cars sole inhabitant, perhaps, as the doors eased shut, giving her a reason to wonder what might have been…

  2. Wow, that last paragraph was just epic poetry my friend.

    Yes, the movie was entertaining. But, I wanted more. Oh well, hopefully Iron Man will not disappoint.

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