Fantasy Baseball Week 10

Back in first place. 69-39-12, which puts me 5.5 games ahead of Offord. I said last week that I would be back with a vengeance, and I definitely took it to Imler, 9-2-1. Ryan climbed his way closer to the pack, now only 9 games back, and only 1 game back from Imler for 4th place.

The two categories I lost were stolen bases and saves. What can you do when Carl Crawford steals 5 bases in one week, not a whole lot apparently. My big player for the week was A-Rod, batting .400, with 16 RBIs, and 4 HR. Orlando Cabrera also had a big week, 13 hits and 8 RBIs. JD Drew finally came around, but I had him on the bench for one of his 3 hit days, but got him for the 2 HRs and 7 RBIs, it’s about damn time he started doing something.

Pitching was nothing to brag about. Zambrano finally had a nice game, but everyone else pitched average, or if they pitched well, they did not get the win. Homer Bailey got a win, but his line was not all that great, but it was against the Indians.

This week I take on Singers Sluggers, who is somewhere toward the bottom of the standings, 8th to be precise. I doubt there will be much to worry about from him, but you never know.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 10

  1. yeah, i did take a beating. granted several of the stats were actually pretty close. plus i had the unfortunate luck of losing beltran and ramirez for the week, and now ramirez for another 8 days.

    good luck.
    i hope your first day went well.
    give me a call.

  2. im at work with nothing really to do so im going to make some random stat predictions without the benefit of actual current data:

    2007 HR leader: A-Rod (# = 57)
    (Though Pujols puts in a valiant effort in September, finishing with 54)
    (Prince gets hurt in August after falling out of a seat in taco bell after eating too many gorditas)

    2007 SB leader: Jose Reyes (# = 72)

    Chance Soriano goes 40-40 again: 75:1

    Chance anyone goes 40-40: 18:1

    # of people that go 30-30: 6

    # of people that go 30-30 on my team (barring any future trades): 2

    Closest person to 40-40: David Wright

    # of hits by Ichiro: 227, leading the league

    # of tears shed by Tejada, wondering why no one cares about him anymore: 1,334

    ok. im sick of this place. im goin home now.

  3. Gideon…very nice on the Tejada jab. You forgot how many HRs Sosa will hit, my guess is that he ends with 23. Bonds hits 26.

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