Fantasy Baseball Week 12

What a disappointing week. I lost 6-5-1, but was definitely up 7-4-1 going into the last day. Needless to say everything was really close. A-Rod was again my superstar, along with recent pickup Yovani Gallardo from the Brewers. In his first two games, he gave me one win, 12 K’s, and a nice ERA/WHIP of 2.70/1.05.

Having BJ Upton on the DL really hurt me. Matsui just does not hit the same way. Unfortunatly, who knows what kind of shape Upton will be in when he returns. I may have to fix that problem now. After Morneau got hurt, I picked up Dmitri Young, who has been having a decent year.

I am still in first place, but Offord is gaining on me. If I do not win this week, he could overtake me for the lead. I already made a huge mistake this week, and it cost me big time. I will discuss that next week though. Let’s just say I thought I hit submit before I left for Kennywood and came home to find out that I did not.