Fantasy Baseball Week 9

Don’t be frightened, the titled is the same as last weeks because I realized that I screwed up about 3 weeks ago and that the title was not synced up with the week on Yahoo!.

I guess Gideon was right. I should have been afraid. He beat me. Not only did he beat me, but he pretty much bent me over a table, and well you get the picture. Talk about a bad week. I lost, 10-1-1. How far did that drop me in the standings? Oh, second place, yeah that’s right, it’s not that big a deal. Offord is ahead of me by one game, if Imler could have tied him this week 5-5-2, I think that would have kept me in first place, oh well.

Where did things go wrong? Well Ordonez, Peralta, Byrnes, and Beltre all hit .400 for the week. Byrnes and Pujols both had 3 HR’s each. Gideon’s team played phenomenal, and I give him props for that.

Actually let me show you the final stats for each other.
Me 40 62 6 26 5 .278 4 0 38 3 3.75 1.21
Gideon 46 75 12 41 4 .305 5 2 44 3 2.96 1.04

It’s not like my team played particularly bad, they just did not play as well as Gideon’s team. I mean, 2 CG’s? One of them James Shields???

Anyways, Josh Hamilton comes back this week, which means my outfield will add a little more power. I guess he is crushing the ball back at AAA after his rehab assignment. I dropped Claudio Vargas, who really had great starts against the Pirates (but who hasn’t?) and pretty much been mediocre the rest of the way. I added Homer Bailey, the Reds phenom pitcher who gets a crack this week.

I have added Alex Gonzalez, not because I need a SS, but really so no one else could grab him. He’s playing well right now, and has like 10 HRs, unfortunately I cannot justify starting him over Cabrera, who is also hitting well, not a power guy, but he does get the runs, hits, and average up.

I traded Chone Figgins and Ronnie Paulino to Ryan for Russel Martin, who has been hitting rather well. Figgins may heat up, but he was just wasting roster space for me at the moment. I may try and trade Zambrano. He is hard to part with, mostly because I believe he will turn it around, but who knows. I may also drop JD Drew. The dude has been worthless this year. I have him benched right now in favor of: Chris Duffy. Yeah, that’s how bad Drew has been. Hell this was my outfield this week: Carlos Lee (GREAT), Mark Teahen (Okay), Xavier Nady (umm, yeah). With Houston having off today, I had to put Duffy into the lineup too, wow, that is one ugly outfield.

Anyways, good luck to Imler because last time my team lost, I came back with a vengeance. Although, his team is tough, and it will probably be a good matchup again.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 9

  1. i just think you werent ready for this jelly…

    and the CG thing was pretty funny. i got those 2 CGs on the same day, even though both those pitchers gave up a couple runs. this was also the same day that you had 2 guys win, both of whom gave up nary a run, but neither completed the game for some reason. that made me giggle a little.

    i’ll also have you know that i was 1 blown save and 2 “caught stealing”‘s away from flawless victory (dang dan wheeler and catchers actually paying attention to adam dunn)

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