Yesterday I went to Kennywood with Kacie and Karen. It was a very good time for all of us. We rode plenty of rides, ate lots of food (especially funnel cake) and make fun of people from West Virginia who say Roll-EE-Coaster.

I was very disappointed with one ride though, the Phantom’s Revenge. I used to love the Steel Phantom, with all it’s loops and drops, but the Revenge has no loops, corkscrews, or anything like that. Yeah it goes fast, but what is speed without a bit of spinning to screw with your equilibrium?

Anyone who has ever been to Kennywood, ever notice how weird Noah’s Ark is? It is like a haunted house, but based on a religious story. I really have no clue what the story behind it is, except that you get in an elevator, they say it is a very old shaft, it plummets to the ground, and then you walk through a mine, and end up on the Ark. Then you leave and get stuck in a room where water shoots at you. It makes no sense to me.

Being there reminded me that I definitely want to make a trip out to Cedar Point this summer. Kacie and Karen would like to go, and we would love anyone else to come with us, especially odd numbers of people. It sucks being in a group of three because you have to figure out who rides with who and what not. So if you want to go, either bring a ride partner, or come single and be Karen’s partner.

I will add some pictures soon, once Kacie sends them to me, or if she puts them on her blog I will let people know.

4 thoughts on “Kennywood

  1. yeah, i never understood that noah’s ark thing either. didnt seem that holy to me at all.

    on a side note, i hate all haunted house related rides. i realized this pretty early in my life too, when other lame theme park diversions still entertained me. theyre just laughably unscary. personally i still plan to make a haunted manse based on the early games in the resident evil franchise, where you go in on foot equipped (2 at a time max) with lazer tag like weaponry and actually have to solve puzzles and there are zombies in there played by actual actors that respond properly to the attacks from your weapons, but if you start punching people you get thrown out, no refunds. and all the doors would be reinforced steel so you couldnt just kick through them like you should be able to in video games, you have to actually find and insert the lion crest, attained from the plant monster on the third floor behind the hidden wall. be prepared, coming spring 2016.

    and yeah, cedar point sounds pretty sexy to me.

  2. Noah’s Ark was 100x better before they remodeled it, now it blows. The exterminator sucks too. Last time I went I went with my mom and my little brother so I didn’t really get to ride any of the new stuff which sucked, but my mom and brother were there for Eat n Park day. My lil bro won a snow cone maker at bingo. Do they still have the egg toss competition? Me and my mom won it one year.

    Cedar Point is heavenly.

    I’ve already found the lion crest Gideon, so I will be one step ahead. Plus I will bring an actual gun, that may help too.

  3. gun? guns son. and no girly 9mm…

    shotguns and 45s.

    zombies are in trouble.
    cause i read the zombie attack survival manual.
    i keep it in my car.
    just in case.
    you never know…night of the living dead…filmed in pittsburgh.

    yeah, i’d go to cedar point. but sadly, weekends are all that is good for me except for late august just before i move back.

    off to watch the curve.
    and eat baseball food.
    because, surprisingly, stef’s late.
    who knew?

    which also means i have to drive.
    i’m not really interested in driving.
    i have to pay attention then.

    hey, you want to come out on july 21 josh?
    gideon, or offord, want to come by, that would be cool.

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