My New Place

I am finally unpacked (mostly) and figured I would share some pictures of my new place with most of you, since not too many of you will be down to visit me.

This is my living room, with my cool Spider-Man blanket over the couch.
My desk and the kickass spiral staircase. I need a robe so I can come down the staircase all sexy-like.

Yeah, this is the kitchen. It’s like a second desk for me.

My bedroom, with plenty of books. My room is huge, I feel like I should hold Sumo matches in there.

The closet that is about as big as my old apartment. And yes those are tons of comic books, seriously, they may weigh like 3 tons or something.

And this also came with my apartment…..

Okay, I am kidding, but I figured some of you might enjoy a picture of a hot pornstar after looking at lame pictures of an apartment.

3 thoughts on “My New Place

  1. place looks like its coming along. hook me up with your schedule so i can find a good time to swing by and visit, maybe catch a game or something.

    call me when you come back this week.


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