Driving Rant

Now that I live down here in Crafton and make trips up to State College quite frequently, I feel that I can complain about driving now.

1. Stop asking me why I take 80 to 79 instead of going 22, then through the city. I know that it is shorter, but I can go faster my way and it takes me about the same amount of time, a little under three hours.

2. Truckers, quit trying to pass each other. If you are going 67 and the truck ahead of you is only going 65, do not bother trying to pass him. Nothing pisses me off more than slowing down from 90 mph in order to watch two trucks race along at 66 mph.

3. Sun: Speed up your setting. I drive on 80 WEST. I know sunsets are beautiful and all that, but seriously, it should not take 45 minutes. Just get down, so I can speed up and get the hell off the road. Yeah, I could leave earlier, but why should I adjust MY schedule for you?

4. Does anyone actually work on roads? I see road construction everywhere, but no one working. Just miles and miles of orange cones and signs telling me to slow down, save a life, someone’s mommy works there. Where? I want to see this mommy and daddy out actually working, making the road a bit better.

5. O.A.R…Yeah, the band. I have no problem with their music, in fact they are one of my favorite bands, but seriously can you guys make “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker” any longer? The live version on the Madison Square Garden disc is like 22 minutes long or something. It’s almost six minutes before they actually sing. Not trying to say that I do not love it, just wish they’d play more songs on a live disc and maybe just put that song on it’s own disc and make it like 72 minutes long…

6. Why the hell can I get every goddamn baseball game on the radio except the Pirates? I am driving towards Pittsburgh, I should not hear “Ortiz lines one off the Green Monster…” I know they are bad, but seriously would it kill at least one station to pick them up. I cannot get them until I hit 79, that is rather sad if you ask me. I remember when I was younger, back in ’89, at least two stations in the Philipsburg area carried the games.

7. People, stop slowing down when you see a cop writing a ticket. And if you are going to slow down, at least slow down to the speed limit, not five under. I wish cops would just pull those assholes over and shoot them.

Done bitching now, here is a picture to make reading this worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “Driving Rant

  1. oh yeah, i know they are, but i really could not pick them up until i hit around 79, and as i picked them up, all i heard was “McCann hits his second homerun of the game off Ian Snell.”

  2. yeah, radio on 80 is terrible.

    you never get anything.
    and, your route makes a lot more sense leaving from state college than it does if you are leaving from altoona. that’s what i’d say to them. and 22 is a disaster.
    trust me on that one.

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