Fantasy Baseball Week 14

Going into the All-Star Break, I am still in first place with a 99-52-17 record, putting me 5.5 games ahead of Offord and a solid 11 games ahead of Gideon. This past week, I beat Ryan 10-1-1, but must tip my cap to him because if he would have played almost anyone else, he would have won pretty handily. Let me show you the final stats for the week:

Me 42 80 12 46 5 .324 2 0 6 47 2.73 1.07
Ryan 38 76 14 40 4 .276 1 0 4 35 6.75 1.70

Both of our hitting statistics were pretty good. Mine was due to the fact that Morneau had 14 Hits, 13 RBIs, and 4 HRs, pretty much all in one day. My pitching again dominated, but many of Ryan’s starters were out for the week, although I made an error again and forgot to set my team before I left for State College, missing out on Felix’s win and Erik Bedard’s monster game where he had 15 Ks, 1 W, 1 CG (which would have given me one more category and boosted my record to 100 Wins!) So needless to say he cannot complain too much about his pitching because I believe even if his guys were healthy, if you add in 22 more Ks and 2 more wins, I probably still beat him.

Hopefully my team can keep up playing this well. I dropped Ryan Freel because he came off the DL and I really have no place to put him. I cannot justify dropping Kaz Matsui right now because he is playing very well at the moment. Hopefully BJ Upton can come back and return to his first half form. Also, JD Drew better turn it up a notch in the second half. He has been disappointing this year.

Anyways, good luck to everyone in the league, may the second half go the same as the first half.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 14

  1. i must say, the first half of the season really did go your way. your team wont stay in that position forever though. mainly because my team is hungry, and you cant coach hunger (to paraphrase avery johnson)

    my stats were pretty solid last week as well. i wouldve gone 3-7-2 on you and 7-1-4 on ryan. either way, ill take the opponent i had.

    and hopefully the home run derby will light a fire under pujols and he’ll remember he’s the best hitter in the game.

  2. Yeah, I bet it will light a fire, or the fact that his own manager decided that Orlando Hudson and Aaron Rowand were acceptable choices to hit in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs instead of a beast many would consider to be one of the best hitters of all time.

    If anyone was watching that, did they keep expecting LaRussa to put Pujols in and sort out the positional details later? I mean come on, Pujols could play 2b for one inning if need be…

  3. He said he wanted to save him in case it went to later innings because if his versatility…however, any type of hit ends the game so seems to me like a pretty dumb decisions. Maybe he remembered that the Cards aren’t going to the WS anyway so he wanted to help out his buddy Leyland.

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