Fantasy Baseball Week 16

As the season starts to move past the halfway mark, I keep waiting for my team to have a horrible collapse, but it has not happened. This week I played Offord, and at the beginning of the week, I was a bit worried because many of my players did not seem to be playing very well, but then they came together and proved me wrong. I won the week 8-2-2, putting me to 113-58-21 and pushing my lead to 9.5 games. Lidle Airline’s had a huge week, going 11-0-1, which brought him up into the 100 win club, and put some space between the top three and the rest of the league.

My pitching was once again very good, winning every category except complete games, which we tied. I looked at my overall season stats and thought that my pitching would be the best, but it is actually third, my hitting is actually number one. Very weird, I seriously felt like most of the year my pitching carried my team. I do have the most strikeouts though, and the best ERA and WHIP. I guess having Ian Snell probably hurts me, since I get no wins from him, since he plays for the Pirates….

Hitting was very close this week. Offord and I could have easily swapped a few categories and this would have been a much closer game. A-Rod had another great week, but that is not the guy I want to talk about. After the Yankees destroyed the D-Rays this weekend, most people failed to mention much about the return of BJ Upton. Since coming back from that quad injury, which scared me because some guys just cannot seem to get back into form from certain injuries, he has played extremely well. This week he had 12 Hits, 8 RBIs, 3 HRs, and a .414 average. Even against the series with the Yankees, he still went 8-19 with 3 HRs and a 2B. Anyways, I hope that this season is not a fluke for him, and that he can play like this every year. He has quickly become one of my favorite non-Pirate players to watch, actually most of the D-Rays are fun to watch.

This week I play Anchorman for Real, who is in next to last place, it should be an easy one, but you never know.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 16

  1. this week heralded one of my toughest decisions as a manager: deciding whether or not to purposely bench a starter.

    the scene: saturday. my bedroom. twilight.

    the subject: one James T. Shields. starting pitcher for the tampa bay devil rays.

    the situation: i’m behind my opponent by about 8 k’s. im also down in era and whip by 0.2 and 0.1 respectively. we both have era’s between 2.5 and 2.75 (absurd by the time sunday comes around). we both have 2 starters set to go sunday. the win differential is uncircumstantial.

    the problem: do i sit both guys, hoping my opponents guys drive his era and whip above mine, but forfeiting k’s? play one guy in case his guys have sick games and i need to drive my era down further to contend, still forfeiting k’s? start both guys, hope they have sick games and go for it all? me, being ever the optimist, i decide to go for it all.

    * * *

    fast forward to sunday. noon.
    im having second thoughts about my decision. shields is playing the yankees. the yankees are on a tear. but no, i must go shoot for the stars. i put on premonition (a fitting flick, no doubt), choosing to distract myself from the impending game. i can no longer hold on towards the end though. i check online, the games in the third inning. shields has given up 10 runs. i turn off the computer. i turn off the movie. i weep.

    the truly sad part is i still wound up only losing era and whip by the same amounts i had going into the day. oh well.

    moral of the story: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  2. I have had those debates before and usually regret whatever decision I make. Hindsight is always 20/20 (if we are going with fun cliches…)

    My WHIP and ERA were ridiculous this week: .94 and 2.52.

  3. I always just play the pitcher even if a bad start will make me lose ERA or something just so I don’t have to make those decisions.

    Where do you check overall stats for the season at?

  4. You go to the league page, and by the standings click the head-to-head button. That will give you either totals or your record in each category.

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