Seraphim Falls

I rented this movie through my Blockbuster monthly thing. It’s a western, and well, there are not enough westerns being made nowadays. Unfortunately there is a reason for that.

The movie stars Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson. It is a post-Civil War revenge film, where Neeson’s character is chasing Brosnan because he committed some atrocious crime during the war, which we get little flashbacks of throughout the movie.

I did not enjoy the film. It was fairly predictable, and seemed a bit silly. Neeson’s character goes to whatever ends possible to catch Brosnan, and then realizes that revenge will not bring his family back. I have read on online that he is like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. Eh.

The ending gets downright weird when each character meets Anjelica Huston’s Madame Louise Fair, who comes out of nowhere in the desert to give them what they will need to continue on. If you notice, her name is a pun of the word: Lucifer. Supposedly she represents the devil.

Anyways, if you like westerns, especially bad ones, well you may just want to check this movie out. If not, well you are not missing too much.

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  1. Hello?!?! The Lawnmower Man! Remington Steele! Dante’s Peak!

    Sorry, I just felt like using an explanation point and question mark?!?!

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