As most of you know, I was very skeptical about the new Transformers movie. When I first heard that Spielberg wanted to produce it, I was excited. I figured the hardest thing would be the actual transforming, but with a good story the CGI could afford to be a bit weak. Then I heard that Michael Bay was involved. I cried. I knew there would be no real story and that he would probably change so many things about my beloved Transformers that I would probably hate the movie.

After finally getting a chance to see the film, I have to say I was quite entertained. The effects were absolutely amazing. The transformations were incredibly cool and almost believable (obviously I do not need believability when dealing with alien robots, but it was nice to see that the transformations were not ridiculous or made no sense, like some of the cartoon versions.) I was a bit disappointed in the appearance of Megatron though. I really wish he would have been a bit closer to his original cartoon version, much like how they did with Optimus Prime. I was also very happy they used the original voice actor for Prime, and I guess Hugo Weaving worked okay as Megatron…If you cannot tell, I am a Decepticon by heart, and Megatron was my favorite. On the Autobot side, just in case you were wondering, Grimlock was definitely pretty sweet, and of course anytime I hear Prime say “Autobots, transform and roll out” I get chills…

Anyways, back to the focus here. The story made sense, had a few oddities, but nothing I can really complain about. It is not going to win any awards, but it’ll do fine. Although, can I just say that movies need to stop using the phrase “my bad.” FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer and this one both had a scene where a main character says it. I am sorry, but hearing Optimus Prime say “my bad” made me want to kick someone in the head.

I definitely think that Megan Fox needs to be in more movies. She is pretty damn hot.

I enjoyed the early scenes of Bumblebee and Sam, before Sam knows his car is actually a robot. The little music changes and helping him pick up Mikaela was quite funny. I think my favorite part of the movie though had to be when Prime and Megatron fight and Prime uses the line from the cartoon movie: “At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.”

If you enjoyed the cartoon as a kid, or if you love big action movies, or just want to see robots beat the shit out of each other, then you should definitely check this one out.

4 thoughts on “Transformers

  1. I thought this movie was incredible. Definitely lived up to my expectations for how a live action adaptation should be. There were some parodoxical elements in the plot, but it’s cool. you’re not really supposed to be thinking during this kind of movie anyway.

    on a michael bay note, i never knew why he gets the hate he does. the only movie of his i didnt like was pearl harbor. all the rest i really liked (well maybe except armageddon, but it was still enjoyable enough). he does what he does pretty well id say. and from a giant things blowing up standpoint, im not sure any other director could have done a better job with the source material. some directors are just better suited for certain projects, and vice versa (see ang lee and the hulk).

    and back on the giant things blowing up front, this movie pretty much ruined all other action movies for me, at least for a while. i saw die hard the day after seeing this, and even with all its wanton destruction, it just didnt measure up.

    and whats all this rubbish about grimlock? i saw no grimlock!?!? did i miss something? isnt he a dinobot? or was i not paying attention at some point?

  2. haha, sorry. i just meant that back in the day, my favorite was grimlock. i wish he was in the movie. Grimlock is the Hulk of transformers.

    But yeah, i completely agree with you. This was not a movie where you need to think, nor did I go in expecting that at all.

    I’m usually not into mindless action movies, but every once in awhile I’ll see one that I enjoy, and Transformers was definitely one that I enjoyed. I still need to see the new die hard film…

  3. I saw this movie with 5 guys. I heard a lot about how hot that chick was. Unfortunately, I was not rewarded with the casting of Shia LeBeuf (or however you spell it).

    Not a bad movie. I would also like to kick someone for putting ‘my bad’ into the script.

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