Fantasy Baseball Week 18

I knew it was coming, a rough patch. My team played poor again and I lost 9-2-1 last week. I am still in first place, but my lead is no longer comfortable. Dmitri Young was my biggest producer, but not too spectacular.

This week I play Pittsburgh Lumber Co. I should beat him, but who knows with how my team has started out. I decided to give up on JD Drew and pick up Justin Upton. Mainly because he impressed the hell out of me against the Pirates, and because his brother has done so well for me.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 18

  1. you were destined for failure, man. it was only a matter of time. a new era is upon us. i believe i read in a respected scientific journal that this period will be known as the dizleocentric era, or “the dizzle” for short.

    you have been warned…

  2. wow gideon. wow.

    who promotes that theory? let me guess, scientific all-stars like dembski and behe?

    is that the era where dinosaurs and mankind lived together in harmony? that is an era that will forever be remembered for its catastrophic improbability, much like the era of “the dizzle.”

    not that my fantasy team is beating yours OR josh’s however.

    i blame it on the humidors.

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