Fantasy Baseball Week 21

Well I am back on top after a few weeks of slowly sliding and losing my position as number one. After beating Imler 7-3-2, I am tied with Ruskin for the lead. My team finally came alive, cranking 16 HRs, .325 AVG, and 65 Ks.

A-Rod led the way, with 4 HRs himself, but Carlos Lee was also pretty big, coming up with 12 Hits. Pitching was not spectacular, since I got a lot of no decisions, but Bedard had 14 Ks, not too bad for a guy I did not mean to draft.

This week I go against Singers Sluggers, and as of now I am beating him, and I really think after this week I will be in sole possession of first place.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 21

  1. hey, yeah, i got owned. every time i play you, i have decent numbers hitting, but you have like 2 or 3 players that just play unbelievably.

    lucky for you, my pitching fell apart last week, just utterly failed. it was pathetic.

    i need a good week or two, although i’ve already gotten my playoff spot, and realistically i cannot get a buy week at this point.


  2. I think its great that the final winner of this league is gonna be a guy that didn’t spend a day in first place.

    *points at self*

    I’m pretty sure I’m unbeatable right now. It’s pretty close to being unfair for everyone else. I apologize in advance for the humiliations that will be doled out in the coming weeks, but graciously accept your sincere congratulations.

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