Fantasy Baseball Weeks 19 & 20

Week 19 sucked. I lost 3-8-1 to Pittsburgh Lumber Co. Whatever, there was nothing to talk about, which is why I waited until now to post. I got beat, big freakin’ deal.

Week 20: Argh. I lost 4-7-1 to Gideon. This knocked me out of first place and put me four games behind Ruskin. I know that Gideon will brag it up, but this battle was pretty close, especially going into Sunday, where it could have flip-flopped. Neither of our teams hit well for average, but he got me on the RBIs and HRs, while I took SBs. My pitching fared well, but I did not get wins out of some guys who I should have, like Zambrano.

Right now my team is in a downward spiral, and I really see no ways of stopping it. I just have to hope that guys pick it up because the trade deadline came and went and I did not make any moves.

This week I take on Imler, which should be a good match up, but hopefully I can break my losing streak and retake first place before the playoffs.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Weeks 19 & 20

  1. I too have been on a downward spiral. But, we clinched playoff spots with Imler and Kearney soon to follow. I guess now the battle is for first round byes.

  2. yeah. that’s the battle. kearney and i really can’t miss the winner’s bracket, and i’m just hoping that my guys are all healthy when the time comes.

    the match-up between offord and i was pretty close too in some ways, but a blowout in others. he got an impressive 63 Ks and i got like 7 wins. my hitters did well for me, which got me the win. i’m hoping for a similar performance this week against you josh, but my pitching blew today.

    anyone hear any more about our football league, i’ve started one already if we just want to use it.

    and josh, i’ll make fantasy suggestions in your other league if you want.

  3. Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment, but I’m just getting back from my “Josh Can’t Hang With the GB All-Stars” world tour. It was a great time; sold out crowds everywhere, chanting “This is why Im Hot” for hours. It was a little surreal. Especially in Ecuador.

    Anyways, Pujols is finally picking up the pace, and my other hitters are playing really well also. My weakness is my pitching: the majority of my starters are questionable and my relievers are streaky or don’t get saves.

    I’m not too worried about the playoffs though, as long as i get paired up against the leatherman i should be ok.

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