Kacie and I went to see this last weekend with very high expectations. I had never read the book, but absolutely love anything Neil Gaiman writes. For her birthday this year, I bought her the book and hope to read it once she finishes it.

The story is set about 150 years ago in Wall, England. The town contains a portal to the realm of Stormhold, where a young man goes and impregnates a witches prisoner girl. Nine months later a baby boy is delivered to him named Tristan.

Tristan tries to woo the girl of his dreams, Victoria, and tells her that he will retrieve a fallen star for her. On his quest for the star he meets Yvaine, who is actually the star. Together they work their way through Stormhold while being pursued by an evil witch who wants to take Yvaine’s heart and also the Princes of Stormhold.

The movie was awesome. It had everything: romance, fighting, a gay pirate, and comedy. It reminded me of Princess Bride, a movie that I will be able to watch over and over again and enjoy it more each time.

Also, Robert DeNiro was great and I kept thinking of Garden State and how everyone keeps telling Zach Braff how great DeNiro is by quoting one of his movies. Sorry, that was random, but figured I would throw that in there.