The Dark Tower

Two years ago Offord let me borrow the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I loved it and have wanted to read it again. The other day while I was at Barnes and Noble, I decided to buy the Gunslinger. Last night I finished it and noticed something. The new edition of the book had some changes in it. These changes helped enhance the book, but also tie the entire series together a little bit more.

For those of you that have not read the series, go out and buy them and give them a shot. You will love them. It is a fantasy epic that does not come off sounding like another Tolkien ripoff.

It’s weird going back to the first book after finishing the last books because Roland seems like such an odd character. He is unfamiliar and yet strangely attractive. There are times when you go, “oh that’s the Roland I remember.” And other times you think to yourself, “huh, would Roland do that?” But, that’s what makes it so great. You get to see Roland adapt to situations.

One of the things I could not remember was what the hell the Man in Black (Walter, Marten, RF) planned. He could have killed Roland at so many points in the story, and yet he seemed to be aiding him. Then I remembered his true reason behind everything and was sad to think of his not-so-great death.

Throughout the whole series, my favorite character will always be Jake. He goes from the kid at the Waystation to becoming a formidable gunslinger. The scene in Book 3 of him trying to get through the doorway and escape the monster had my heart racing and seriously scared for poor Jake (who had already died once in the story).

I would like to mention to any of the fans of the books out there that the comic by Marvel rocked. The art is absolutely amazing and the story fits nicely. It is just the flashback scene from Book 4, but there are some new things added in, and also the stories in the back of each comic give plenty of new information, such as the history of Arthur Eld or Rhea of the Coos. The next comic series will be about the Battle of Jericho Hill, or so I have heard.

If you have read them let me know who your favorite character was, your favorite scene, and other such information.

Character: Jake
Book: Wizard and Glass
Moment: Eddie defeating Blaine the Monorail

2 thoughts on “The Dark Tower

  1. New edition? Comic about Book 4?

    Why did I not know these things??

    Roland’s adaptation was really King’s adaptation considering he was a different person and wrote each book at different times in his life. Are the differences in the new edition major enough that I should run out and buy it right now? Plus, where do people buy comics, I have no idea where I would get the book 4 series (which was my favorite of the books much to your dismay as I remember).

    The man in black was definitely the most confusing subplot of the series. Since I read the 7 in large intervals it was easy to forget which people he was, what he motives were, etc. Still, at this point, I can barely think of what it was exactly he meant to do.

    **Spoilers to anyone who actually cares about reading the series**

    Was it only to guide Roland to the creation of Mordred? I really can’t remember other than it was Mordred who killed him.

  2. Offord, if I were you I would wait a few week until they collect the comics into a hardback, which they will and it will be like $24. I know there are at least three really big comic book stores in DC…

    If I remember correctly, the man in black wanted to get into the tower, but he could not get in without Mordred, and that is why he had to manipulate all the events that led to Mordred’s birth…

    after rereading book 4 recently, since for some reason Kacie has a copy of it, it may really be the best one of the series.

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