Fantasy Baseball: The End

Ugh. That is all I can say. I lost to Offord. I was winning the entire week, but it was very close. The final day, my team played very poorly, and his team played well. He passed me in many categories and ended up moving into the finals.

I am playing against Gideon for third place, but I will be honest, my heart is not in it. I cannot stand to really check it. It sucks for me being in first place almost all year because anything less than that is a letdown, whereas if I went into the playoffs in 4th place, then 3rd would be something to shoot for.

Oh well, there is always next year. Good luck to Offord, I am rooting for ya!

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball: The End

  1. sooooo, since you didn’t win this year, and even tho i did awful in titanic proportions in the playoffs, does this mean i get the GM of the year with my huge run from last to 4th in a month?

  2. Yeah, my hearts not in it anymore either. Third just doesn’t have the same cache as first. The worst part about it is that I can’t even really make up excuses explaining my loss.

    Oh wait, YES I CAN.

    I mean honestly. How in the world does Holliday hit 2 homeruns in every game all week. Somebody check that man’s bat. In fact, check that man’s veins. I’m sure you’ll find some cork in there, too.

    Oh, and regarding the knock on the complete game stat from several entries ago, it sounds like I was the only one that did take that into account when drafting (If you don’t believe me check out my top picks’ stats from the last couple of seasons). As such, I think I should be the GM of the year.

    I still wouldn’t mind exchanging it for something else in the future though…

  3. Good season to all. Hopefully I beat Ruskin and win my first ever fantasy baseball league. TO Gideon, I have Matt Holliday in my other league which is also in the championship, so I cannot complain about him, only hope that he does adequate this week. I don’t know what to do with all the pitchers I picked up for the last day against Josh. I sort of didn’t plan ahead…hopefully I don’t need much to beat Ruskin, but it is fairly close so far. Anyways, great season, Heroes in 4 Days!!!!

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