Fantasy Baseball Week 22

Woo hoo! I won the regular season. I beat Singers Sluggers 6-5-1, and finished with an overall record of 142-93-29. BJ Upton was my big player of the week, 11 Hits, 2 HR, 7 RBIs, and 1 SB. Not too shabby for a guy I picked up as FA at the beginning of the season.

I wonder if Imler is kicking himself for taking Beltran over A-Rod during the draft…

This week I have a bye in the playoffs and after looking at the match-ups I have to say I am sort of rooting for certain people. I get the winner out of Offord and Kearney, and obviously would much rather play Kearney, since I owned him both times we played. Offord’s team seems to give me troubles.

I also want Imler to beat Gideon, since Gideon spanked me both times we played, and I feel much more comfortable playing Imler or Ruskin in the finals (if I make it that far).

I was thinking that next year we should get rid of a pitching stat and switch it with something else. Complete games really is a waste of a stat. You cannot draft for it and it really does nothing except every once in awhile someone gets you one and you win that category for the week.

I was thinking we should add something like K/9, since that would also make it more useful to pick up middle relievers. I just think getting rid of complete games and adding something else could make the waiver moves more fun. Something to think about for next year.

Good luck to everyone and it was fun this year. It’s also good to see that the people who paid attention were the ones who made the playoffs, and also that Kearney went from like last place to 4th. He gets my vote for Most Improved. I would say GM of the Year, but only if he wins the Title. As of now, I am the GM of the Year. Let’s face it, I had the best draft and was in first place the majority of the year. Now watch me lose in the playoffs…

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 22

  1. OK, im gonna make a prediction right now. Back in June, while i was going through my moving transition thus lacking internet at home, I’m walkin out of work (literally 2 steps outside my office) and i realize that i never subbed in my bench pitcher. I so wanted to leave work that i thought “who cares, its just one game”. well the ensuing pitching performance was such that it wouldve given me the win in the ERA and WHIP categories for the week, but again I was like “eh, its one game. who cares”.

    fast forward to september. i finish out of the top 2 by half a game. thus missing a first round bye. now my pitchers are putting up little league worthy performances and i take a look at todays starters and see @ NYY and @ Col. Neither things normally likely to improve my pitching woes.

    So I’ll say right now that not only will I lose to j-dog this week, but I will put up ridonkulous numbers the rest of the way, thereby bringing joy to the fates; damning me for my neglect.

    You heard it here first…

  2. lol. i lost to gideon. i actually had him in the early part of the week, and lost it over the weekend. which is too bad. especially considering that i’m starting out hot this week.

    i definitely think it would have been a boon to get A-Rod, but i was basically happy with beltran.

    i got hurt with the pitching staff i think. especially near the end, when after the trade deadline i lost a closer and billy wagner struggled.

    i think we had some strong teams this year, and lots of surprises, which is good, and made for a very competitive season. looking forward to next year!

    i totally agree with the complete games criticism.


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