Fantasy Football Draft

So here is my team and the order in which I drafted them. Let me know what you guys think.

9. Joseph Addai, RB, Ind
14. Steve Smith, WR, Car
31. Drew Brees, QB, NO
36. Lee Evans, WR, Buf
53. Jerious Norwood, RB, Atl
58. Marques Colston, WR, NO
75. Chargers, DEF
80. Adrian Peterson, RB, Min
97. Chris Cooley, TE, Was
102. Bernard Berrian, WR, Chi
119. Mike Bell, RB, Den
124. JaMarcus Russell, QB, Oak
141. Olindo Mare, K, NO
146. Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Car
163. Jake Delhomme, QB, Car
168. Owen Daniels, TE, Hou

I can only hope and pray, haha.

8 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Draft

  1. sorry man, i have to disagree with offord. You have too many question marks with your running game, it definately lacks consistency with past statistics, though it does show promise. But, you do have too many rookies, that’ll hurt ya in the early stages of the season, though they could turn around nicely in the second half, so overall i’d give your draft a c+ to b- range…just missing the playoffs

  2. Kern…I see what you are saying. I did not think JaMarcus Russell would hold out all season…oops.

    Are there any players I should be looking to pick up off the waiver wire?

  3. i like the addai and smith picks, although a WR that early is a risk.

    i think colston will have another good year, but we’ll see. i think that peterson will be a good pick, if week 1 is an indicator. but he seems to be able to contribute from the start.

    cooley was a disappointment for me all last year, so i just don’t trust him.

    i think that i would rate your draft a little higher than kern but not as high as offord. you could really go either way, but i think you might have a good shot at winning your league.

    good luck

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