Fantasy Football Week 1

Well after the first game I started to wonder how good my team would perform. Drew Brees got me a disappointing 1 point. However, his performance did not bring me down as I rolled on to a 68-60 victory over Forged Fury.

Adrian Peterson may get the start for me next week over Norwood, especially since Chester Taylor is out. I am trying to pick up Derrick Ward, who had a nice game against the Cowboys.

Let me know some of your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week 1

  1. wow that’s a squeaky win, i picked up ward myself, but kevin already has adrian peterson so i’m screwed with that one, plus i had chester taylor so i dropped him after i read about the injury. But i also won this past week, so did kevin and chris. Kevin is in second place because of points, and Chris and myself are tied for 3rd in points. Offord got smacked this weekend which is too bad, but he’s got the exact amount of points as you with your lucky win. Check ya later boss man

  2. I’m thinking of dropping Norwood to pick up Joey Harrington… that’s how little value I have on Norwood. They seem to not be running the ball at all, but that’s what their offense was geared for? At any rate tonight the Saints will come back and in my one game I am up about 21 points, I have Vince Young starting (around a 20 point game is what I think I’ll get) while he has Brees (who I can see getting 30 or 35. So we’ll see.

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