Fantasy Football Week 3

I hope you did not think I was done writing about fantasy sports. Anyways, this week I won 71-55. The Chargers defense got me a really nice -2 points. Oh wait, -2 is bad right. Damn it.

I started Delhomme, which worked out in my favor. Other than that, my guys did okay. I am trying to get rid of my kicker and pick up anyone else, but it seems everyone in the league is doing the same thing.

Does anyone have any advice on trades I should try and make?

One thought on “Fantasy Football Week 3

  1. As silly as this may sound, pick up Joey Harrington… he’s finally got a system he’s in and comfortable with. Did I mention he’s got 5 TDs to his 0 picks, and has only been sacked 3 times in the last two games? them signing leftwych was the best move ever because it made Harrington actually use his potential.

    Oh and Sammy Morris (Pats goal line back) and Shaun McDonald (Detroit’s fourth wide receiver and also a rookie) are good pickups for deeper leagues. Try to trade for the Edge if you don’t have him and for Favre, some people are still not high up on those guys but Favre and Edge have fairly easy schedules later in the season.

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