Heroes: “Four Months Later…”

The season premiere. Did you all get chills as the hour approached for the show start? Did your heart feel like it was going to explode when you heard Mohinder begin talking? Unfortunately, I had to watch mine through TiVo at 2 a.m., but I still got that feeling as I fast forwarded through the end of Chuck and a few commercials.

The bad thing about a season premiere or the sequel to a movie is that they can never really live up to your expectations or anticipation. Not saying that the show was a let down, but I just wanted so many answers, I wanted so much to happen. I wanted it to be twelve hours longs…Oh well. It was a great episode, and an awesome beginning to a new season. Anyways, lets get onto the recap of the show.

The show starts with Mohinder giving a speech about people with abilities. He says they are the key to our own evolution and that there is a plague out there that could wipe them all out.

As the speech ends, a man approaches him for an autograph and says how Mohinder’s father and sister would be proud of him. Mohinder grabs the guy and slams him into the wall. He tells him he knows he works for the Company and that he is no longer afraid, nor will he run away.

The guy, played by Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned from Groundhog Day), tells Mohinder that no one takes his work seriously, but that the Company wants to fund his research, they want him to come up with a cure.

Later, Mohinder calls Noah Bennett (should I call him Noah, or should we still use Mr.B, or should I finally give in and just refer to him as HRG?) and tells him that the Company took the bait and that he is in. Mr.B says good work, and to be careful and that now they will be able to take down the Company.

That was a surprise I did not really see coming. I thought the guy had Mohinder convinced when he said that sometimes they have to put down certain people, just like Mohinder tried to do with Sylar.

Matt Parkman & Molly Walker
Matt is on a raid for NYPD and he goes into a hostage situation where he does not know which person is the bad guy. He uses his telepathy and takes down the real bad guy. It turns out the whole thing was a test for the department. The chief gives Matt a real badge and tells him he passed with flying colors, but wonders why he is so anxious to get back into action after having four bullets in his chest. Matt tells him that he has always wanted to be a cop and that those bullets were not going to stop him.

Now, I will be honest, I had completely forgotten what Molly Walker looked like. So when Matt goes to the school and gives her a hug. I thought it was his child, and I go annoyed. I was like “it’s only been four months, the kid could not age that quickly! Unless that is the kids power…” Then I realized I am dumb and that it was Molly.

Molly’s teacher (who I wish was my teacher) tells Matt that Molly is drawing weird pictures. Dark pictures of eyes, with the helix symbol. When they get home, we learn they live with Mohinder in his very luxurious apartment, Matt asks her about the pictures and she refuses to talk about them.

Matt can hear her nightmares while she sleeps and he hears a man’s voice saying that he can see Molly. She wakes up and Matt tells her that he will protect her. On a side note, Greg, I think we can assume the evil person is a guy now.

The Bennett Family
Or I should I call them the Butler’s now? That is their new name in their new home. Noah tells Claire how sorry he is for everything and that she has to be ordinary at school. She cannot stand out, or the Company will find them. And she cannot try out for the cheerleading squad.

He gives her the keys to the Nissan Rogue, which is a pretty sweet car, and says that it was going to be a birthday present. As she walks into school, she almost gets hit by a car, which makes Noah feel great about sending her out into the world.

The kid who almost hits her is named West. He sits by her in science class and asks her if she is a robot or an alien. Does she do what everyone expects (robots) or does she do what she wants (aliens). He decides she is a robot because she knows the answer to a question, but does not raise her hand.

Later in gym class, the cheerleaders are making fun of a girl, and Claire steps in and says she can do the stupid move they want Martha to do. As she climbs up the ladder she realizes this is what her dad does not want her to do, and she says she cannot do it.

That night at home, she calls Nathan (I will get to him in a minute)and says she misses Peter and she needs someone to talk to because she hates just being normal. He hangs up on her, but we see West watching through her window, and guess what? The kid can fly!

Mr.Bennett works at Copy Kingdom. His boss is a complete dick. He yells at Noah all the time and acts like copying is a very tough business. He wants Noah back from break and starts yelling at him. Noah grabs him by the finger and slams him down onto a table and tells him to back off. So much for staying under people’s radar Noah.

Nathan is a drunk. He has a huge beard (he looks like Jack did in the final episode of Lost). His wife left him, and his mother is there to yell at him. He tells her that she is evil and that it is her fault that Peter is gone.

After his phone call with Claire, he looks at himself in the mirror and see himself as horribly disfigured. I really have no comments on that right now. Is that how he sees himself? Has he manifested another ability? To look ugly in a mirror?

Alright, now we get to our favorite nerdy time-traveler, Hiro. It’s 1671, and Hiro sees his idle, Takezo Kensei about to be shot with arrows. He teleports them away from danger and learns that guy is not Takezo. The real Takezo comes to Hiro, and is upset that Hiro ruined his plan. Turns out he is not a very honorable person, and that he fights dirty. Also, he does not look like the guy in the paintings, he is a white guy, who is British.

They go to a village that T.K. was supposed to save, but instead it’s seen burning down. The woman, whose father made the sword, confronts T.K. and wants him to help the village because they paid him a lot of money. Hiro says that she is the swordmaker’s daughter, who T.K. marries. She takes the sword and starts to leave.

If you remember from last season, I said that Takezo Kensei looked a bit like Hiro. Something tells me, he is going to do all those great deeds and people will think it was done by T.K.

Ando and Kaito
Hiro’s dad, Kaito, waits for his son to return and Ando waits with him. Ando brings him a newspaper, and in it is a picture of Kaito with a red helix on it. Ando asks what it means, and Kaito responds that “I will be dead in twenty-four hours.” He sends Ando out to get him a sword.

Later Angela Petrelli finds a similar picture and meets up with Kaito at the Deveaux Building roof. Kaito says that it is no joke, they will both die, of the original twelve, Charles Deveaux, Mr. Petrelli, and Mr. Linderman have all died and that maybe they should die as well.

As Ando returns with the sword, a man in a hoodie tackles Kaito off the roof, but when Ando looks over the edge, only Kaito’s body is there. What was Kaito’s power?

Maya and Alejandro Herrera

These two are making their way to America from Hondorus. They are wanted for murder, and it seems that Maya is somehow responsible. The men driving them to Mexico want her to sit up front, and Alejandro says no, they knock him out and take her anyways. He chases after them and when he catches up, everyone in the truck is dead, with blood coming out of their eyes. Maya is crying.

What are their powers? Obviously when they are together, people are safe, but when she is out of his range, then she kills people. They are searching for Mohinder, who they think can cure them, but they are both very religious and think God gave them these powers as a test.

The End
The show ends in Ireland. I will say the actors playing the three thugs, had the worst Irish accents. Although, maybe that’s a good thing because at least we could understand them. Anyways, these thugs are looking for a cargo container which has some iPods in it. They open it up and there are no iPods, just a man chained to the side. At first I thought it was Sylar, which would have been pretty sweet. However, the man turns to look at them and it is none other than our buddy Peter! The guys come to start hitting him and he blasts one of them with a weird blue energy. He says he does not know where the cargo is, nor does he remember who he is. He is wearing a necklace of the helix, much like the Haitian.

My thoughts on the episode??? It was awesome. I cannot wait for next Monday. The above picture is Maya, played by Dania Ramirez, who is really hot.

12 thoughts on “Heroes: “Four Months Later…”

  1. Agreed, she was smokin’. I also got the feeling that Hiro was going to end up being T.K., especially if we remember how bad ass he was in the future when he talked to Peter on the subway.

    Do you think Ned’s (that’s what I’m calling him, that’s all I can think of when I see him) power is to turn things to gold, or to manipulate elements. I have a feeling its the latter, but sweet either way.

    Good call on TK being a white guy, but I think you were wrong about Nathan, at least for now.

    In closing, Claire was hot, Molly was annoying, Sylar needs to come back soon, and Peter looked pretty cool with short hair. The West flying thing seemed a little, convenient? I dunno, I’m sure it will make more sense, but what are the odds of her meeting someone with powers so quickly. I wonder how a heroes movie would look…

  2. The reason I knew that TK was white was because I knew that David Anders played him. I hope you didn’t think I just made that random prediction…

    I bet that Ned’s power is probably transmutation, like on Fullmetal Alchemist…

    Yeah, Nathan may redeem himself and show us he’s truly a good guy. Or, maybe that’s what his ugly face shows him, that he is a truly ugly person underneath.

  3. I think we’re all in agreement that Dania Ramirez/Maya is smokin’ hot… but what’s her ability?

    Josh, I think you should still call him Mr. B (for obvious reasons).

    “Now don’t say you don’t remember me, ’cause I sure as heck-fire remember you. It’s me! Ned – Ryerson! Needle-nose Ned, Ned in the head” haha He was also on Entourage. He played I think the mayor, or maybe governor..? who hooked up with the tranny.

    When Nathan looked at the reflection I thought it was Peter..? I dunno, I think the new Nathan’s 10 times cooler than the old Nathan, though.

    And as for Peter, what d’yinz think about him having amnesia? Is it gonna be kinda like Jason Bourne? He’s found, has no idea who he is, has incredible abilities, can kick serious ass (much like myself)… then has to find out who he is.

    And yeah, I also thought that maybe Hiro is actually TK, or, maybe the English guy does all those things but only because of Hiro.

    It was awesome when Mr. B flipped his boss down onto the table. Do you think he has a power?? Or d’ya think he just received some kind of training when joining his old company? Cuz I don’t think flipping someone like that by the hand would be as easy as he made it look.

    I say shit like this all the time, but I hate the way high schools are shown on TV and in movies. “Robots vs. aliens”, the in crowd vs. the outsiders, unique vs. followers… I realize that high schools are like that to an extent, but they really blow it out of proportion. It’s funny watching cheerleaders on TV/movies being bitches and badasses who rule the school. haha, no one could’ve cared less about the cheerleaders at our school.

    And lastly, the one guy at the end with the Irish accent was the guy from Fight Club: “His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson”… that guy.

  4. Adam…I am still sticking with Maya’s power being “instant death” and her brother’s power is something that cancels it out.

    What is interesting about that idea, is if they can learn to control their powers. If she can learn to focus and only cause someone to die when she wants, and say his power is actually some kind of healing power, then separate they could be very useful.

    I wonder if Ned would try to use Maya as a weapon, or if the Company sets out with the intent of getting rid of people with abilities like hers. It reminds me of an issue of Ultimate X-Men. Kid wakes up and everyone in his town is gone, there is nothing left but their clothes and some dust. Wolverine is sent in by SHIELD to kill the kid. He explains to the kid that he is a mutant and that his power kills everyone around him. Wolverine apologizes and says that he has to kill him…

    No, I do not think Mr.B has any powers. If he did, I am sure he would have shown Claire. He is probably just a BAMF. He probably was ex-military and the Company recruited him.

    I also thought that Nathan looked like Peter in the reflection. I thought at first that Peter somehow used Candace’s ability.

    I wonder how long it will take for Peter to get his memories back. Hopefully not too long. What would be great is if he teleported back to 1671 and hung with Hiro for awhile.

    Nice spot on the guy from Fight Club. I did not even notice. I was just trying to cope with the fact that I thought it was Sylar they were about to set free (although, being chained inside a container would not hold down
    Sylar, well unless he did not remember he had powers…)

    Interesting thought. Since Peter came in contact with Sylar, does he have his original power on file? Can he see the weaknesses in things? Or see how things work? Whichever was Sylar’s original power.

  5. He might have those powers, but he sort of has to know about the power to fully utilize it. Now that I think of it, Sylar was actually in the episode right? They showed him on the street somewhere if I remember correctly.

  6. Also, I just saw that Dania was in X3. I’m sure you already knew that, but she played Callisto. I don’t remember what power she had though.

  7. Wow, I didn’t even realize that was the same girl. She was hot in that too, though.

    Hmm, I like the thoughts on Peter and him using his powers now with amnesia. Maybe they’ll just happen like reflexes and at some point he’ll test himself to see what he’s capable of… ?

    This is random, but there’s an interview with Masi Oka (Hiro) in the new Maxim. His IQ is 189. That’s almost as high as Raj’s. Oh wait, his is just 89… my bad.

  8. Masi Oka also designed the waves in The Perfect Storm, was on the cover of Time magazine when he was younger as part of a young geniuses article, and still does work for Lucas Art I think. He’s pretty amazing.

  9. In that interview he said he took the IQ test a few years ago and he may’ve just been a good guesser.

    I’s just on IMDb, if ya’d believe it…

    Dania Ramirez was also on Buffy. I’s lookin for the guy who was at the end who was also in Fight Club. I couldn’t find who he was, but I did find out that Ed Kowalcyk of Live was in Fight Club. That’s pretty crazy…

  10. It’s funny, I always thought the one waiter looked like Ed K. Now I have to watch it to see if it’s the guy I thought.

    I cannot find that guy anywhere either. It’s like he does not exist in the world…

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