Heroes Preview Season Two

It has come upon us. The new season of Heroes is finally here. We can stop sitting around and doing nothing, and you can stop coming here and reading about my fantasy sports teams.

I read in Wizard that Tim Kring does not like to think of these as new seasons, picking up where the last one left off. This will be a new chapter in the story, there will be new characters and new threats.

The first half of the season will get us caught up on what happened after Nathan and Peter disappeared. Some new folks will got tossed into the mix, and we will learn about Hiro’s life in feudal Japan.

Instead of just giving you a review of what the article’s I have read said, I will instead give you my predictions for the season.

Hiro will be trained by Takezo Kensei, the legendary warrior we learned about last season. Oh yeah, Kensei is a white guy. Something tells me he has some interesting power. Maybe he is a teleporter as well, but he got stuck in that era and just never left….

I also believe we will see the return of Peter and Nathan. I have no clue in what capacity. Nathan comes back a bit darker than before. Him saving the day was not as altruistic as it seemed. He will use that to his advantage.

Claire will still be hot. I can guarantee that one. Also, all the new chicks that will be on the show will be hot too. I have no problem with that.

Any ideas on what the bad man’s powers will be? You know, when Molly Walker said there was someone worse than Sylar. I do not think he was the one to rescue Sylar though. We will not see those two teaming up.

Anyways, that’s all I got for the moment. Watch on Monday and I will write up the review and we can have discussing everything like we did last year.

2 thoughts on “Heroes Preview Season Two

  1. Greg…no she did not (i think). i did not mean to imply that it was a man, but i will make a prediction that it is a man.

    Anyways, if it is a woman, they missed out on casting the lady who plays Peter and Nathan’s mom. Mrs. Petrelli is a vile woman, who had no problem with letter Peter blow up and destroy the city in order to further her other son’s political agenda. That lady is evil.

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