Journeyman Episode One

I do not know if I will write reviews for this show, but it is on after Heroes and I will probably watch it each week. The first episode was pretty cool. I enjoyed Kevin McKidd in Rome.

Dan Vasser is a writer with a wife and a kid. One day he travels back in time and saves a guy’s life. While back in time he sees his ex-girlfriend, who is dead in the present.

Everyone around him thinks that Dan is going crazy or on drugs, since he has a bit of a dark history, with gambling I think. He keeps popping back in time and it always centers around Neal Gaines, the guy he saved.

In the present, he learns that Neal Gaines’ wife and kid died in 1997 and that is the last period he goes back to. He stops Neal from murdering them, and when he returns to the present,he finds out that Neal’s son, Jason, became a doctor and saved a bunch of kids in a bus accident.

His wife does not believe him. He takes her anniversary present back in time and hides it at their house, under the patio that will someday be there. When she does not believe him, he tears the patio up and pulls out her wedding ring, which he had taken to get another stone added. It is buried with a newspaper dated from 1997. She believes him and all is happy. This was cool, because I would have never thought to do that. Maybe I was tired, but I would have buried my phone or something. Not only did he prove his point, but he was romantic about it. Goddamn showoff. Now girls will want guys to go back in time to hide their presents.

The big twist in the show is that his old girlfriend, the one who died, is actually still alive, and is doing the same thing he is, bouncing around in time. Something tells me that his current wife is not going to like that one bit.

If you watched it, let me know what you thought. Oh yeah, the dead ex-girlfriend’s name in real life is Moon Bloodgood. That has to be the coolest name ever. Photo brought to you courtesy of Maxim. I do not want to get sued or anything.

3 thoughts on “Journeyman Episode One

  1. Any name with moon in it just cool..
    I use to work with kids..
    and one boy had such a great name ..
    Trinity Moon..
    Cool huh?
    too bad he was a huge asshole

  2. Cynnie…moon as a last name isn’t that cool, now Bloodgood? That just sounds awesome.

    In fact, Moon Bloodgood, if that is not the perfect vampire name, I do not know what is.

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