Life Episode 101

I imagine a pitch meeting at NBC going something like this:
Exec: We need a show with a character similar to Dr. House, any ideas?
Underling1: Oooh, how about a cop show, with a know it all detective?
Exec: Great, but what is his problem?
Underling2: He could be a reformed drug addict!
Exec: Eh, that’s a bit too like House, next idea.
Underling1: What if he went to jail for awhile for a crime he did not commit?
Exec: Okay, I like where this is going.
Underling2: And how about we toss in one of those everything is connected, so that all the cases he is solving somehow lead back to one giant case, and that would be his own case. Everyone seems to like that crap nowadays, like Lost and Heroes.
Exec: Yes, this sounds perfect.
Underling2: And we could throw in a partner who had a drug addiction!
Exec: Okay, fine, you can have a drug addict.

Yeah, I am sure that is how the discussion for the show Life went down, but you know what? It was still a pretty damn good first episode.

I hope they keep doing the documentary style interviews with people throughout the series. They definitely help break away from all the other cop dramas out there. Also, the lead character, Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis) is hilarious with his whole new-age, touchy feely approach and his addiction to good fruit. The fact that the guy has been locked up for twelve years and missed out on many of the technological advancements gives us some funny moments, such as watching him get excited because his car has BlueTooth and his partner can talk to him.

Speaking of his partner, mmmm, she can frisk me anytime. Detective Dani Reese, played by Sarah Shahi, has a past with drug abuse, but seems to be clean for the moment.

The show entertained me, and that is all that I can ask for. It seems this and Journeyman may be the two best new shows on TV, although I have yet to watch Reaper.