Pee Wee Football

Sometimes I sit outside my apartment and listen to the football practices going on right beside my place. At first I thought it must be for high school football, but after going up and watching, I was shocked to see little kids out there.

Why was I shocked you might be asking? Well from the way the coach screamed at them, I assumed they must be somewhat older. Here is a sample of some of the things I heard him yelling:

“FOCUS! You need to focus, what is wrong with you today?”
“They (the team they are playing next) have a great offense, we must stop them at the line, if we do not stop them, we will lose and drop to second place.”
“Jason (the QB I am assuming), if you leave that pocket one more time, I swear to God you will run laps until you puke!”

It was also funny to listen to him rattle off different plays like they were going to be playing in the National Title game against Florida or some shit. Seriously, little kids do not really need to have a playbook the size of most NFL books, keep it simple for them, give them the basics.

It reminds me of those horrible fathers I used to see at youth wrestling tournaments, making their kids lose weight and then screaming at them when they do something wrong out on the mat.

I am okay with parents getting their kids into sports and encouraging them to do well, but they need to try not to live their lives through their kids. The coach up there screaming at those kids probably never started a game of football in his life, he watches on TV and thinks he is the next Bill Cowher (who is from Crafton by the way).

Oh well, some people are just stupid.

2 thoughts on “Pee Wee Football

  1. hey.

    i totally agree. at that level through high school you need only learn fundamentals. it silly to teach them anything else. at the peewee level they should learn how to hold on to the ball, how to catch, throw, and run. they should also learn basic rules.

    oh well. silliness abounds.

    i’ll be back in central pa too in 9 months.

  2. FOCUS!!!

    Haha in my hometown the coach for our peewee team was the same way. Then the parents got him fired because of him treating the team like an actual NFL team. Granted our pee wee league is damn good, and still is after they fired him (forced him to retire, whatever), but still I have to agree with you 100%.

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