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Seriously, I need to get rolling on this. What will I be watching this fall? Obviously Heroes. I am so freaking excited about Volume Two. I will put up a preview for just that show.

Smallville, Lost, 24…nothing really changing there (yeah I know some of them do not come out in the fall, but whatever.) I really enjoyed watching Supernatural last year, and will probably watch that on Thursday’s after Smallville.

The new shows I may check out are Journeyman, Life, Moonlight, Dirty Sexy Money (maybe), and who knows what else. I will also try to watch some Bones and House whenever I get the chance.

Also, Eureka was a really good show on SciFi channel. I suggest giving it a shot if you want something a bit fun and silly.

Anyways, let me know what you will be watching or what I should be watching.

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