We Are…

I am sitting here listening to the Penn State game on the radio. Why you ask? Because Comcast chooses not to show the game or pick up the BigTen Network. I do not know if the BigTen Network has the game on, but I would have a better shot than I have now.

I emailed Comcast and they never even responded to me. Today I heard a commercial on the radio from Comcast defending not having the BTN. They say that they will have plenty of Big Ten games on during the year, so we should not worry. That is all well and good, if I want to watch Michigan State and Alabama-Birmingham, but I do not want to watch that game. I want to watch Penn State.

Fuck you Comcast.

3 thoughts on “We Are…

  1. the big ten network is actually really cool, but i think it might only be for direct tv…i had to go to a bar to watch the game here in annapolis, the bar is called sharky’s funny enough, and the owner is a big penn state fan, it was really cool, you should come down to check it out. It’s a great place to watch sports and shoot pool…catch ya later man

  2. yeah, the big ten network is a special deal. i believe that it is mostly for direct tv, or as an extra pay type channel, like hbo.

    i’m having a difficult day. applications all day. i have a position if i want it, but for some reason i’m still applying. i may be coming your way josh for at least a year if things work out. will keep you posted. and, if, in a year you are still in pitt, and i’m there, maybe we can work on rooming or something to save some cash for us both.

    later man.

  3. Imler…actually cable companies can pick up the BTN, it’s more like the NFL Network, which Comcast did not pick up last year, but my cable company (D&E) did.

    The thing that irks me is that they have not replied to my second email on the subject. No phone call, nothing at all. It is rude.

    They have no problem adding idiotic channels like Speed Network or the Golf Channel, but this? Nah, let’s not, it might not be worth it.

    and yeah, if you get a job down here, we should get a place or something. honestly, living by myself is pretty dull at times.

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