It’s that time of year again. Halloween will be upon us soon and that means ghosts, goblins, and monsters everywhere we look. The other night while driving I tuned in to “Coast to Coast AM” on the radio (thank you Jason for the recommendation) and listened to some guy talk about his books on ghosts.

He goes on and on about all of these experiences he has had and whatnot and then finally gets to one really good story about a haunted place in Boston. He gets a call from a woman who says her studio is haunted and that she has video evidence. When he goes there he is in for a very nice surprise. The studio is for exotic pole dancing and the video’s are of women performing on the pole. Apparently you can see these weird things in the video and the instructor likes to think they are the ghosts of men who enjoy watching the women.

My only question about the whole thing was: there are professional pole dancing instructors? Can I sign up for that class? To hell with yoga or ballroom dancing.

Anyways, the ghost thing always fascinates me. I watch all sorts of shows this time of year about ghosts and definitely enjoy watching Ghost Hunters, but must say that as an atheist I really have a hard time believing in ghosts.

The idea of there being souls who are left behind here on earth just seems rather silly to me. Why then do I love to read about these things or watch anything about them?

Well maybe I like the idea that maybe there is a scientific explanation. What if the “soul” is really just some kind of energy that every living creature contains and since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, maybe some of that energy just happens to manifest itself after people die.

I think the Buddhist and Hindu religions both say that basically there is a lifeforce out there and when you die depending upon your karma and whatnot you either come back worse off, or you get infused back into the collective lifeforce. It has been awhile since I studied either of those religions, and do not feel like looking anything up about them, but you get my point.

Eh, I definitely have not slept enough to think through this one, so I will just end it here. You guys tell me what you think about ghosts. I would be interested to know who believes and does not believe.

4 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. luckily, there’s plenty of explanations for ghosts out there. i’ll share them next time i see you, i don’t feel like typing that much. but lets suffice it to say that virtually every example can be explained in a simpler manner.

    i wonder if there is a line on attacking iran…

    i’m starting to actually be concerned.

  2. i know that there is usually an explanation, but that does not dismiss the coolness of them. when you think of it in terms of energy cannot be created nor destroyed, well it just makes you wonder. i mean, how many religions come up with an idea of the soul independently? plenty…just playing devil’s advocate i guess.

    ugh, attacking iran is a huge mistake.

  3. there are definately professional pole dancing classes that you can take. i read about it in a fitness magazine, it was one of the “in” fitness classes

  4. this, i like. the argument about religions developing the idea independently is sort of an inaccuracy, as most cultures developed with some connection with one another in some way and these ideas would have been exchanged and it is resultingly unclear how independent any of the ideas are themselves.

    plus, the laws of thermodynamics generally speak against souls, ghosts, etc. this is actually a common argument by christians about why there should be souls. they also use the argument about order coming from chaos being backwards. this is wrong though, because more energy is expended and more chaos results from the appearance of generalized order as we see it. they do not take the correct frame of reference.

    the creation of life is not the creation of energy, and its cessation is not the destruction of energy. interestingly, its the maintenance of the status quo in a sense. you stop consuming and expending energy, but other living things turn your body from simple matter into energy. as a result, no energy is created or destroyed through the process.

    granted, i do think the stories are cool and interesting to hear, but wholly impossible under any current explanation propounded by these psychic investigators.

    i got into an argument drinking the other night while i showed rednecks how to play pool in this little inner city bar. weirdest crowd ever. but my friend’s date decided to ask me about my soul. you can see where this is going.

    as jack nicholson said in “the departed,” you can learn a lot by watching things eat. and one of those things is why there is no god.


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