Heroes: “Fight or Flight”

Late once again. I am starting to fall behind on these things. What can I say? Can you forgive me? I hope so.

By far, Peter’s story interests me, and probably everyone else, the most. Veronica Mars comes looking for Peter. When Ricky hears about it, he sends Peter up to Caitlin’s flat (nice protective brother he is, sees his little sister making out with a guy and then tells them to go back to her place…I guess the Irish are finally starting to get progressive about sex…anyways)

Elle, that’s the characters real name played by the always hot Kristen Bell, shows up at the bar the pub and questions Ricky on the whereabouts of Peter. Ricky lies and Elle pretends to leave, but instead uses her cool electricity power to weld the door shut. She then proceeds to blast Ricky.

Anyways, back at Caitlin’s place, Peter decides to open the box. He finds his passport (he learns his last name), a plane ticket from NYC to Montreal, and a photo of Nathan and himself. He does not recognize Nathan. The two love birds then talk about Caitlin’s painting skills, and Peter goes into his Isaac-mode and starts painting the future.

When he is finished, it is a picture of Caitlin and Peter at a street corner in what appears to be Montreal (the French names are a clue). Apparently, that corner is the location of the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal.

They hear about Ricky and they rush down to the bar. Peter blames himself, and tells Caitlin that he will stop hiding from his past now. Elle talks on the phone to someone she calls daddy. She says she killed someone, but that it was no big deal, she is close to finding Peter. She gets upset because daddy orders her to come home. Hmmm, who is her father? Could it be Bob?

Nathan and Matt
These two team up to confront Maury, Matt’s father. When they get to Philly, Matt arrests Maury, and they question him. Nathan suggests reading his mind. Maury is surprised that Matt can read minds because that is his power too. He says that it starts with mind-reading, but it can turn into so much more.

Maury leads Matt into another room, and when Matt turns around he is in a prison cell. There is a baby and then Janice is there telling him that he walked out on her and the baby, and that he will walk out on Molly too. The guard comes in and they start to fight.

Nathan goes through the door after Matt and Maury and ends up on a rooftop looking at the NYC burning. He then faces the horribly scarred version of himself. They start to fight, and then the scenes flip back and forth between fights and we can see that they are fighting each other. Matt finally cracks through, and helps Nathan come out of it, but unfortunately Maury is long gone, and the only clue is the picture of Bob, with the same symbol on it.

So, I guess that Maury is the nightmare man, but he must not be the same guy killing the other old timers.

Easily my second favorite character on the show right now. He calls Mr.B, who is in Odessa with the Haitian, about Molly. Mohinder wants to take her to the Company, but Mr.B warns him against it.

Well, Mohinder eventually takes her in, and Bob is quite happy that he did. He says they want to help her. Bob gives Mohinder a taser and says that sometimes he will have to use it on the people he is trying to help because they may not be able to control their powers. As he says that, Niki comes out of nowhere and throws Mohinder against the wall and starts choking Bob. Mohinder wisely tasers the bitch and they get her back into her cell.

When she comes to, she is calm and thanking Bob for helping her. Bob mentions that she has Multiple Personality Disorder and how tough that can be for someone like her. When Bob leaves, Mohinder offers to help her escape, but Niki says she came there because they were the only ones who can help her. Bob then sends Mohinder out on his next assignment.

Monica and Micah
Micah shows Monica his powers and tells her that she is a muscle mimic. She starts watching some Bruce Lee movie and can do most of his moves. There is a knock on the door, and Mohinder is there offering to give Monica the answers she is looking for.

Ando has some scientists look at the scrolls in order to read the damaged parts. We learn that Hiro is setting time right and that Kensei and Yaeko are falling in love. They are close to White Beard’s camp and about to rescue Yaeko’s father. When the get to the point where the camp should be, there is instead a massive army there.

The scroll is too damaged and the scientist says it will take some time for him to figure out what it says. Ando wants to know badly.

I want to take a moment to discuss my thoughts on “The Company.” At first I was convinced they were a group of regular people trying to control the people with powers, but now it seems that they were originally people with powers trying to save the world.

What happened? How did they go from saving the world, to abducting people with powers? I guess they are trying to prevent a person like Sylar from happening.

Anyways, what do you guys think?

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  1. Aack – that was not “some Bruce Lee movie”. That was Jason Scott Lee – unrelated. The movie was “Dragon: The Bruce Lee story”

    Bruce Lee only made five movies: The Big Boss, The Chinese Connection, Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon, and Game of Death

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