Heroes: “Kindred”

Last year when the series started, it seemed to start a bit slower and allow us to get to know everyone. Remember, the threat was Sylar and the priority was “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”

Well this season, we do not need to get to know these characters, we already know and love them. We have our threat, the mystery man who haunts Molly Walker and kills the old timers. However, we have yet to find the mission, what do we need to save? Tonight we got that. More on that in a bit.

Ricky and the gang want Peter to help them knock off the bookies, after the big soccer match, I hope that Tyrone is the getaway driver (I hope someone gets the reference). They rob the place, and as the guards start to shoot at them, Peter uses telekinesis to push a truck in front of the shooters.

Earlier, he heard one of Ricky’s brother’s thoughts about killing the rest of them and taking the money. Peter accuses him, but no one believes him. Well once they were back at the bar, Will (the bad brother) decides to pull a gun on Ricky. Will shoots Peter in the chest, but Peter gets up and uses his telekinesis to plant Will into the wall and choke. He is about to kill him when Caitlin stops him. Will runs away, and Ricky now likes Peter.

Caitlin gives Peter a tattoo of a Celtic knot on his arm, and Ricky tells Peter that he is part of the family now and then gives Peter the box. Ricky leaves Caitlin and Peter alone, and she urges Peter to open the box. He does not want to because he is afraid of what he might find. He says that he wanted to kill Will, but she stopped him. She thinks he is a good person, and that if he is happy as who he is, then he does not need to open the box. They kiss, and we see a closeup of the tattoo, which fades, and we get the image of the helix, and then it disappears completely.

Who else thinks Caitlin is hot? She has a bit of a plain look to her, but I find her attractive. I dig the accent, and figure it’s about time that Peter get some action.

Sylar wakes up in Malibu, next to a hot chick. That never happens to me. She says her name is Michelle and that she fixed his wounds and rescued him from Kirby Plaza. She also tells him that her name used to be Candice, but since she is wanted by the cops, she changed her name and appearance (or that Missy Peregrym is now on Reaper). He wants to see where they really are, and she shows him, and also shows him his wounds.

Unfortunately for big, bad Sylar he cannot use his powers for some reason. He gets upset, and she explains that she can help him. She then offers all sorts of sexual fantasies to him, which he responds to by hitting her upside the head and trying to take her power.

We see the real her, which happens to be a fat chick. He tries to create illusions, but realizes he cannot use any of his powers, or just his original power. I am sure we will learn what is wrong with him very shortly.

Niki and Micah
Their first few moments of the season and naturally it was a suckfest. Just kidding, it was not that bad. I am trying not to be hard on them. Niki tells Micah they are leaving Las Vegas, and that he can come back to see his dad anytime. Micah then puts flowers on a grave of DL. So apparently DL really died, or did he? I bet he comes back somehow, maybe as a ghost.

They head on down to New Orleans, where Micah is going to stay with DL’s mother. She welcomes them (I bet she has powers, or maybe she’s just creepy) and Niki tells Micah that she will come back. She goes outside and makes a phone call. She calls Ned, and asks if they really have a cure for her and he tells her yes, but she will have to do something for them first.

Mohinder & Parkman
Parkman wakes up in the middle of the night and grabs his gun. He goes out to the kitchen and finds Mohinder getting something out of the fridge. Parkman does not like that Mohinder is playing spy. Molly comes out and gives Mohinder a hug. Awe, how cute. Two men and a baby or something…

Mohinder meets Ned at his new office, which just happens to be Isaac’s old loft. They have a very expensive lab set up for him, and Ned says they will be monitoring him round the clock. Later Ned comes in with a new sample for him and then goes out to take the phone call from Niki.

Mohinder calls Mr.B and is afraid that they might get caught. Mr.B tells him not too worry and to look for the paintings. Mohinder finds one, the 8/8 of in the series. He takes a picture and sends it to Mr.B’s computer, who looks at it and then closes it when Claire comes into the room. Do not worry, I will get to the image in a moment.

Maya & Alejandro
Alejandro gets arrested for attempting to steal a car. He gets put in jail next to some American kid who says “dude, you look like ass.” Maya comes to the rescue by trying to give the cops $14. When they won’t let him out, she uses her power and makes everyone die. Alejandro gets out and takes it back, and when the American kid comes to, he says he has a car, so they take him with them. How will he be connected to everything?

Ando gets caught playing video games at work, and he decides to look at the sword and think about Hiro for a minute. He notices that on the handle it says “Ando open” and he opens the handles base and pulls out some scrolls, which are letters from Hiro describing his time in 1671.

Hiro tries to get Kensei not to freak out, but Kensei thinks that Hiro is some kind of devil. Later Hiro is with Yaeko and she is going on about how Kensei seems like two different people, sometimes he can be gentle and other times he acts like a brute.

When Hiro catches up with Kensei, he finds him cutting himself with a knife. Hiro explains that Kensei has powers and that Hiro does time. He shows him how he can teleport. Kensei realizes he can make tons of money as a swordfighter, but Hiro has other plans.

He teleports them to a temple which is home of the 90 Angry Ronin, who guard the Fire Scroll. As they charge Kensei, Hiro teleports away. Later Kensei joins Hiro and Yaeko and has the scroll.

Kensei thanks Hiro for his help and for showing him the right path. He won the Battle of the 90 Ronin, and will now continue on his quest. He is sad when Hiro says he must return home. As Kensei and Yaeko leave together, Hiro realizes he loves her and does not want to leave. He stays and says that his time with them is not over.

Claire confronts West about what he saw. She says it was a pedicure and that he just mistook the whole thing. He makes fun of her and then when they are in class, he asks if a lizard girl could cut off an appendage and grow it back.

Claire runs out of class and West follows her. Outside she admits that she is a freak and that she has powers. She freaks out for a little bit, and then West tells her to shut up. He picks her up and flies her to a nice little beach.

They talk about who has a cooler power for a bit, then start making out. Claire notices a scar on his neck (the same as Parkman’s and Sprague’s) and asks what it is. West does not know, but he knows that he was riding his bike one day and he saw a guy, with horned rimmed glasses and the next thing he remembers it’s the next day and he is at home. It appears that Mr.B and the Haitian got to West awhile ago. West says that HRG looked at him like he was some kind of animal that belonged in a cage.

That night, as Mr.B stares at the picture of Isaac’s painting, Claire comes in and says goodnight. It’s obvious she wants to ask him about it, but does not know how to bring it up. Probably a good thing considering what might be going on in his mind. Mr.B just received a very disturbing picture.

The picture is of him with a bullet through his head, through his left eye to be exact. He is clearly dead in the picture. In the background is a blond girl, but it was not clear who she was (first guess is Claire, but sometimes those things can be deceiving).

So, now we have the priority: we do not want Mr.B to die. How weird is that to say? After the first few episodes last season, when we were convinced he was this sinister bad guy, who we should absolutely hate, and now he is probably one of our favorite characters.

5 thoughts on “Heroes: “Kindred”

  1. I’ve gotta be honest here, I’m having a hard time getting into this season thus far. The storylines just aren’t grabbing me this time around:

    Peter: ****
    Probably my favorite subplot of the bunch. There’s some action, some intrigue, a compelling budding romance; pretty entertaining thus far.

    Sylar: ***
    Just introduced to him again, and at first I thought “this show is gonna be like a Metroid game: you lose all your powers at the beginning and have to regain them over the course of your quest.” Then I thought “they’re biting off X-Men again, with the whole Magneto-Mystique paradigm.” Luckily that last one didn’t play out. I just don’t understand how he got on the Lost island.

    Niki and Micah: **
    For some reason I want to punch Micah in the face everytime he speaks.
    That is all.

    Mohinder and Parkman: **1/2*
    Parkman isn’t getting laid nearly enough, considering he can read minds. I find this unrealistic. I do dig Mohinder being all Solid Snake though. Molly I find annoying as well. Though only enough to maybe give her a boot to the stomach.

    Maya and Alejandro: *
    By far my least fave subplot. Started out interesting. Now its just a Benny Hill skit called “how can i get separated from my sibling this time” I even play the Benny Hill music in my head whenever they’re running around.

    Hiro: **
    Also started out cool. Then Takezo turned into a pansy and Hiro fell for a chick that isn’t anywhere close to being the hottest girl in Japan. And that’s based solely on chicks I see at the arcade playing DDR.

    Claire: *
    She’s annoying me as well. Being all emo and getting her car stolen and junk. And falling for obvious stalkers that are old enough to be her… older brother or something.

    Though I guess HRG’s connections with Mohinder bump this up a bit. You can add on another * if you like.

  2. Gideon…I have to disagree with you on this one. I think this season has been excellent so far.

    The Maya/Alejandro story is not very good so far, and it seems like they really will just keep retreading the same story every week.

    Other than that though, I am happy.

    Somethings I’ve read elsewhere,people think that Sylar’s location may be in the jungle, somewhere near Maya and Alejandro.

  3. You refer to “the mystery man who haunts Molly Walker and kills the old timers” – Why do you assume it’s the same man?

    Also, did you realize that now that Sulu is dead, we’ve got another original Trek cast member? DL’s mom is O’Houra

    Mr. Bennett is probably my favorite character too, next to Sylar. And that was Claire and West making out in the painting with dead Mr. B

  4. Greg…I figure it is the same person because of the symbol and it would really make the characters tie together.

    I did not know that, thank you.

    I was not a 100% sure if that was Claire and West making out in the picture.

    My only problem with jumping the gun on those paintings is that last season we got excited that Hiro would fight a dinosaur and if you remember from the first episode, Peter sees a painting of himself flying, well it turned out to be a painting of him falling off the building….

  5. I like the season so far, but I do agree with Gideon’s “best-to-worst” order.

    Some random thoughts:
    -Maya and Alehandro’s story so far: definitely weak. And Maya is hot, but I can’t stand the face she constantly makes (the one she looks confused, scared, constipated, sad, and bewildered all at the same time).
    -Sylar’s an idiot. When I meet a girl like that girl, or like Mystique, I’m asking her to marry me. I’m sure as hell not gonna kill her. WTF?
    -The Irish girl isn’t too bad. Her accent boosts her up a few notches.
    -I considered fast forwarding Niki and Micah’s part, but like an idiot, I watched it. When they opened the door and that lady was standing there, it was like they were trying to say something; either she has a power, she’s evil, something, I don’t know what, not sure I care either. I’ll probably fast forward their part next time anyway.
    -When West was like, “Claire, shut up.” then made his move and flew away with her like Peter Pan, I puked a little in my mouth. Their little love story is awful. I hope he turns out to be a bad guy who’s just luring her in, or something else unexpected. I’d kinda like to see him kill her somehow. Which, is possible, since we know he already hates her dad. Maybe he’ll find out she’s his daughter then hate her too. Or, he’ll try to kill Mr.B and Claire will protect him and kill West. I dunno, anything will be better than them falling in love and teaming up.
    -Finally, I don’t know why, but this season I’m rooting for bad guys. Aside from Sylar killing the “I’ll make all your wildest dreams cum true chick”, I like him. I like that Nathan has been pissed at the world and is bound to snap at any moment. And I kinda like that Peter is teamed up with a group of Irish thugs. Maybe Hiro will kill TK and finally become the BA future Hiro we saw last season.


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