Heroes: “Lizards”

This show just gets better with each episode. So much is going on, and we are only into the second episode, very exciting.

The Irish thugs interrogate Peter the old fashioned way: by beating the crap out of him. They want to know what he did with the iPods (apparently Irish thugs are not too smart, why would Peter, or anyone for that matter, steal the iPods and then leave themselves inside the container), and naturally Peter has no answer for them. Ricky, the leader and guy from Fight Club, sends his sister, Caitlin in to clean Peter up.

As she wipes up his blood, she notices that all his cuts are healed. Some more thugs come into the bar, and they are planning on roughing Caitlin up. Peter phases through the ropes holding him down and uses the blue energy on one guy, and telekinesis on another. He then punches a guy with a dose of super strength. Why can’t I wake up with superpowers and no memory? That’d be pretty cool I think.

Ricky returns and he is very upset that Peter hurt the guys that came over, since the one is the son of some gangster that they were stealing the iPods for. He did not seem to care that they were going to rape his sister, but whatever, apparently no one interferes with Project Mayhem, sir…sorry, had to throw in a Fight Club reference. And yes, I realize that he did not actually say anything like that, but whatever.

Ricky wants Peter to help them on a heist, and in return, he will give Peter a box, which contains all of Peter’s information he had on him when they found him. At least it has his driver’s license and they started calling him Peter. It seems to me that Peter still cannot figure out how to access his powers, or he would have just mind-grabbed the box from ol’ Ricky’s hands.

To me this was a very funny part of the episode. Ned (let’s just agree to call him Ned, not Bob, not Mr.Midas, but Ned) wants Mohinder to go to Haiti to check on a patient who may have the virus. Mohinder gets there and it is the Haitian, who thinks God is punishing him. Mohinder convinces him that maybe God sent Mohinder there to help him and the Haitian allows Mohinder to cure him.

Later, Mohinder tells the Haitian that the company he works for will be happy and the Haitian realizes who he must work for and the next scene we see is Mohinder sitting at a desk and Ned is there. Ned asks him about the Haitian, and Mohinder is confused and cannot remember finding him. Ned says that the cure must have worked, since the Haitian got his powers back and that they will chalk that up to a rookie mistake.

First off, Mohinder was very amusing in his whole memory loss thing, but later he is on the phone with Mr.B and he says “they bought the whole bumbling professor act.” And when Mr.B asks if the trip was productive, Mohinder replies that “you should have the answer very shortly.” Just then, the Haitian walks into Copy Kingdom and both Mr.B and he are smiling.

So, Mohinder has become quite the secret agent. How long can he keep it up though?

Maya & Alejandro
They go to a friend of their family, who will sneak them into Mexico. She has other people there and one of them says she is a healer. When she touches Maya to see what is wrong, she says that she is cursed and that they will not travel with her.

The lady taking them across leads them to an old pipe, and as she and Maya cross, a truck comes separating them from Alejandro. As they get through the pipe, the lady sees that Maya has black eyes and black stuff coming out of her eyes. The lady then gets the same thing, and apparently dies.

Alejandro catches up and grabs Maya. He then starts doing something that causes the black stuff to disappear, which then causes the old lady to wake up. They are happy she is alive, but she curses them and says they are the Devil. Now they are alone in the woods of Mexico, with absolutely no clue of where to go.

Matt investigates the Kaito death. They find Angela Petrelli’s fingerprint at the scene and bring her in for questioning. As they question her, Matt hears her think about revenge, so he asks her about it. She realizes he is reading her thoughts, and thinks very loudly “Get out of my mind!”

Nathan stops down to pick her up, and Matt says that they met in Texas. All of a sudden they hear screams and see her being attacked by nothing. Matt breaks the two-way mirror and as he goes in, there is nothing there, but Angela’s face is all cut up. On a side note, it was lame that Matt broke the glass with a chair. I wanted Nathan to fly fullspeed into the glass and break it.

Hiro decides to take TK’s armor and save Yaeko. He disarms the eleven bandits she is fighting with and embarrasses them pretty easily. I enjoyed when he is threatening them and the one guy asks why TK keeps referring to himself in the third person.

Yaeko is grateful and is obviously in love with TK, or at least with this new and improved version. When Hiro returns to the bar, he tells Kensai (I will refer to the white version as Kensai, and to Hiro pretending as TK, just for clarification) that he can make Kensai great. Kensai does not believe him until Yaeko comes in and is all in love with him and wants him to save her father. Kensai agrees to go with Hiro and as he walks out the door, he is shot with arrows by the bandits.

Hiro removes an arrow and the wound heals, and Kensai recovers from “death.” The two of them could make quite the badass pair.

Speaking of people who can heal, Claire sits in class listening to a lecture on lizards and how they can regenerate. She gets excited and starts to ask questions about whether humans could do that. The teacher says someday it may be possible to grow new limps from stem cells. West just stares at Claire and later wants to know why she hides the fact that she is interested in biology.

At home, Claire tells her dad that she wants to help people, that maybe they could use her blood to grow people limbs. She also starts to ask questions, specifically questions that fans have asked over and over, such as “if she loses a limb, does it grow back, or would she have to reattach it and let it heal itself?” Mr.B says that if the company found her, they would test her limits, by putting her in more pain than she can possibly fathom.

Later that night, she is watching TV and she decides to give it a shot. She takes a pair scissors and cuts her little toe off. At first nothing happens and she realizes that it hurts like hell to cut your toe off. Then, it starts to grow back, and after a few seconds, she has a brand new toe.

As she looks out the window, she sees West staring at her. She runs outside to confront him, but he is gone. Or is he? Mr.Muggles jumps and barks towards the sky. If Claire dates West, it would definitely complete that old saying that girls tend to go after guys like their father. Only in this case, she would be dating someone who shares the same power with her real daddy, Nathan. By the way, does anyone else think of Family Guy when they see Nathan’s beard? I am ready for a bird to pop out of there.

6 thoughts on “Heroes: “Lizards”

  1. NOW I will think of Family Guy…thanks a lot. Um, a couple things. When did Peter come into contact with DL to gain the phasing ability? Or is that going to be one of the ones we don’t know how he got yet. Also, I saw in the credits of the shows on IMDB that Micah and Ali Larter are still listed, but there hasn’t been any sign of them. What do you think of that?

    That girl that loves Hiro is decently attractive. I wonder if he is eventually going to get with her and have a kid, then find out that he’s his own ancestor. That’d be awesome (Fry reference, best episode ever).

    Lastly, his name is Wes, not West.

    That’s all I got for now, go Rockies and Indians!

  2. Did Peter come into contact with DL during his battle with Sylar at the end of last season? I remember him tapping Niki’s strength, but I cannot remember if she had the injured/near dead DL with her.

    I know that we will see Micah and Niki pretty soon. Kring has said that they will answer some of the questions surrounding those characters as well.

    Yaeko is an attractive young lady, and she handles the sword rather well, which is always a plus in my book.

    His name is West. Check the recaps on NBC.com.

  3. His name is West, Josh was right. The actor playing him looks like he’s 19 or so, but he’s actually 27, that’s crazy.

    And what do I make of Micah and Jess/Nikki returning? Well, I’m not too excited about it. I get frustrated with every second of air-time wasted on them.

    Do you think Mohinder went to Haiti knowing it was gonna be Mr.B’s henchman? If so, why the act when no one else was there? Or do you think he acted like he didn’t know who he was and that he had his memory erased in case he was somehow being monitored?

    Lastly, I didn’t like Claire cutting off her toe… a little bold, don’t ya think? Couldn’t she have tried cutting off a tip? And this may be a weird question, but, someone who can regenerate… when they cut/shave a hair, does it immediately grow back? Like Claudia cutting her hair in Interview with the Vampire and it immediately growing back.If that’s the case, how would she keep her legs under control? Or even worse, her…….

    eyebrows? haha

  4. Yeah, the little toe is pretty much pointless.

    Adam…Claudia’s power in IWTV was supernatural, based off of demon’s and spirit’s and all sorts of stuff.

    The only problem really, is that hair and toenails are actually dead skin cells. So if you get most of your hair burnt off in an explosion, why would the old stuff grow back? The same thing happens with wolverine…

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