Heroes: Part One

What? Part One? Again? I know you are asking those questions. No, I have not lost my mind, nor have I developed Hiro’s powers and jumped back in time. Instead, I want to talk about the DVD (which my brother got me for my birthday, thank you so much Adam) and the original first episode that never aired.

For the most part, it is the same story as the original, but there were a bunch of things changed. The main thing being a character named Ahmed, who was captured by a Muslim terrorist cell. They called him the Engineer and they wanted him to build a bomb. He shows them that he is the bomb. At first he would not help them because he had killed his wife, she died of cancer. Sounds a bit like Ted Sprague.

This is how we meet Parkman, and see him use his powers. He finds one of the terrorists hiding, which eventually they redid as him finding Molly. Later he finds the cell, and when he confronts the Engineer, they recognize each other.

The first target of the cell had been a train heading to Odessa, Texas, where they were able to steal some Plutonium. That is the train wreck that Claire runs into to save the guys life.

Also, Parkman’s wife is played by a different actress. Not a big deal, but odd.

At the end of the episode, Micah steals $300 from Tina and heads to Utah to get his dad out of jail, who was put in jail by a prosecutor named, Nathan Petrelli.

Also, Suresh meets Sylar at the end of the episode. His name was Paul Sylar. I am glad they changed Sylar to an alias. And that they left us debate about him for awhile.

When Peter goes with Simone to help Isaac, they find him like before, but instead of having overdosed, he had handcuffed himself to the wall, and used a saw to cut his own hand off.

Those are just a few of the interesting differences I noticed. Something I did pick up, and I might throw this stuff out here from time to time whenever I finish watching an episode is this: have we ever learned what Charles Deveaux and Angela Petrelli’s powers were? Peter came into contact with both of these people when his powers developed.